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If you’re considering an online doctoral degree, then your career goals probably include a role in leadership, research, or education. Doctoral, postgraduate, and specialist programs are all excellent ways for you to advance in your career and become a subject matter expert, a professor, or a professional researcher. With 100+ doctoral, postgraduate, and specialist degrees to choose from, Liberty can help make your aspirations a reality.

We offer each of our online PhD programs, professional doctorates, and postgraduate degrees in an online format, and most can be completed 100% online. This allows you to stay active in your career, with your family, and in your community while reaching the pinnacle of academic achievement. We also primarily offer courses in an 8-week format with 8 different start dates each year and no set login times, so you have the opportunity to complete your classes at your own pace and on your schedule.

Additionally, some programs may require on-campus intensives, so you can explore our campus while connecting in-person with your classmates and professors. Some degree programs also have required practicums or internships that allow you to gain hands-on experience in your own community.

At Liberty, our mission is to Train Champions for Christ. We want to help prepare you to influence the world as a leader, educator, and expert. As you partner with us to reach your career goals, we’ll seek to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to meet those goals.

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Value of a Degree

Earning a terminal degree is both an invaluable experience and a rewarding investment. Throughout your program, you can learn advanced techniques and knowledge within your field to help you excel professionally while leading others. Additionally, hands-on experience is available in most of our programs, and you’ll have the opportunity to complete independent research, making you a subject matter expert. Take a look below to find out why you should pursue your doctorate.

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Return on Investment

What are the rewards? With a doctoral degree, you could receive a median salary that’s higher than your professional counterparts with only a master’s degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – learn more.
What may initially feel like a sacrifice is actually a wise investment that could increase your potential for earning an advanced position, a leadership role, and/or a higher salary.
PhD degrees online and other doctoral degrees are an investment of both time and money — but obtaining one can help enrich your life. While you spend time studying, researching, and writing throughout your degree, you can find great personal and professional satisfaction along the way.

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Employment Opportunities

If the purpose of pursuing your doctoral degree is to gain new employment, you’re on the right track. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates an increase in entry-level positions that require applicants to have a doctoral degree – learn more.** Plus, your doctoral degree can help make you a more qualified candidate than someone with a master’s.
If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry. Liberty University offers 100+ online doctoral degrees in a variety of areas and career fields. Our doctoral programs are designed to help give you a professional edge — whatever your calling may be.

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Chances are you’re a working professional with a home, a family, and an active social life. What if you could pursue your degree while still working full time? Or take classes without moving your family across the country or the globe?
By earning your doctorate online, you’ll have the opportunity to reap all the benefits of higher education, advanced training, and scholarly research without pausing your life. You can complete classes on your own time and at your own pace while maintaining your professional and social relationships.

Why Choose One of Liberty University’s Online PhD Programs, Professional Doctorates Online, or Postgraduate Degrees?

You believe in leadership excellence. So do we. That’s why at Liberty University, we can help you become an essential contributor to your field and the kind of leader who inspires others. By pursuing one of Liberty’s online doctoral programs, you can prepare to impact your profession as an innovative thinker, industry leader, and respected expert.

If you’ve already earned an accredited master’s degree and want to flourish at the top of your career field, then one of Liberty University’s online doctoral programs or postgraduate degrees may be right for you. You’ll find that an online PhD, EdD, DNP, DBA, or other advanced degree may not only increase your salary potential — it could also help boost your job performance. Whether you’re in academia or the private sector, Liberty offers numerous accredited online doctoral programs that can help you become a leader in your field.

As a university committed to both excellence and integrity, Liberty University is one of the premier colleges offering online degrees. We understand that life doesn’t stop when you go back to school, so our online doctoral programs vary in format, depending on your degree. Most of our doctoral and postgraduate degrees are 100% online, and only a few require on-campus visits.

Most of the on-campus requirements are completed through one or more intensives — week-long classes held on our beautiful Lynchburg, Va., campus — that supplement your online classes. Intensives are rich opportunities for you to network, connect with your professors and classmates, and enjoy all the benefits of being a Liberty University student on campus. Intensives are typically offered multiple times per year for your convenience.

Information about Liberty’s Doctoral Degree Programs

Liberty University offers a diverse array of doctoral degree programs designed to help advance your expertise and career in various fields. These programs are crafted to help equip students with profound knowledge and practical skills through rigorous coursework, comprehensive research, and real-world application.


Liberty University is dedicated to providing world-class educational experiences to military students across the globe.

Who May Qualify?

  • Active Duty
  • Reserve/National Guard
  • Veterans/Retirees
  • Spouses of Service Members and Veterans/Retirees

Military Tuition Discount

We want to help you find the doctoral degree you want – at a price you’ve earned. As a thank-you for your military service, Liberty University offers eligible current and former service members like you or your spouse multiple pathways to earn a doctoral degree for only $300/credit hour. Find out how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity as you work toward your goal of reaching the pinnacle of your profession – for less.

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