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Completing your Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) was an enormous achievement. You spent years researching the field of education from a professional perspective, but you are not done yet. Your desire to understand the full scope of this field drives you further. If you are interested in adding a dissertation on special education to your list of accomplishments, Liberty University has the PhD you need to make it happen.

Becoming a researcher and leader in the field of education means assuming a role in shaping the future of its policies, goals, and objectives. Whether you want to make an impact in a K-12, business, or government setting, a PhD in Advanced Educational Studies – Special Education is the degree you need.

By coming into this PhD with a conferred doctoral degree, you will be able to transfer up to 39 of your hard-earned credits into the program. With the PhD in Advanced Educational Studies requiring a total of 60 credit hours, you will be just 21 credit hours away from adding a PhD to your name.

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Liberty’s PhD in Advanced Educational Studies gives you new opportunities as an education professional. All of the research and work that went into your Ed.D. can be seamlessly applied to this program – including a large number of your completed credits! By transferring your doctoral courses into our PhD, you will be able to expand your current insight into the field while moving quickly towards a new doctoral credential.

While an Ed.D. focuses more on professional development and application, your work in the PhD in Advanced Educational Studies – Special Education program will allow you to demonstrate your scholarship through a dissertation process. You will analyze scholarly research related to the field of special education so you can create and present original research by the end of the program.

One element that makes Liberty’s PhD program so unique is how we incorporate our commitment to the Christian faith into it. Our advanced educational studies program is designed to address the spirit as well as the intellect. Each course will include a consideration of Scripture relevant to the topic area.

Not only will your courses integrate biblical principles but your professors will also guide and instruct you from their faith. Our mission is to equip you as an expert in the field of special education who leads with confidence and integrity.

The goal of your coursework in the PhD in Advanced Educational Studies is to have you well-equipped to communicate through various mediums and critically problem-solve. Additionally, this program will help to increase your information literacy through the examination of current literature, research defense, and dissemination.

By focusing your research and dissertation on special education, you will study the unique needs of students with all forms of learning disabilities. You will also study best practices in curriculum and program development for children with behavioral disorders, special needs, and those who excel and need more challenging programs.

Understanding these topics in special education is vital for effectively serving your school administration at the local, state, and national level.

Some of the additional topics you will cover in this program include:

  • A biblical perspective on decision making within the field of education
  • Advanced practices in designing and conducting original research
  • Educational theories within the field for professional and academic practice
  • Pedagogical concepts and approaches based upon research and knowledge of the discipline
  • Theories and evidence-based practices that inform leadership, research, and teacher preparation in special education

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