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A legal perspective on education can make a big difference when it comes to setting policies and influencing the future of educational institutions.

With Liberty University’s 100% online Ph.D. in Education – Educational Law degree program, you can expand your knowledge, skills, and training in the legal aspects of education. The Ph.D. in Education applies relevant concepts in a way that can give you the flexibility to help learners in any setting, and the knowledge you gain in educational law can prepare you to lead others in corporations, businesses, and successful school administrations.

So whether your goal is to teach, design for curriculum and instruction, or serve in school administration, Liberty is committed to preparing future educators and leaders who impact the field of education for Christ. Liberty University’s Ph.D. in Education is a 100% online program designed to provide advanced training for educators across various fields. The specialization in educational law helps education professionals make a positive impact on educational organizations and policies.

Since understanding education law and policy can help you develop better teaching and learning environments, Liberty’s educational law degree focuses on developing your knowledge of important legal policies and theories. Through Liberty’s Ph.D. in Education, you can gain the confidence you need to lead educational organizations and help improve our education system.

The education research you develop during your academic and dissertation studies can benefit your fellow educators and build new bodies of knowledge. Through academic research excellence and a thorough understanding of education law, you can be equipped to help schools, teachers, and governments make the education system work better for students.

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At Liberty University, we believe your impact on the next generation matters. All of your classes will be taught from a biblical worldview by faculty with years of experience in and out of the classroom. A terminal degree grounded in biblical principles can make you extremely valuable to educational institutions because you can be well-equipped to influence policies, procedures, and outcomes with ethical clarity and integrity.

Liberty’s Ph.D. in Education – Educational Law online degree program is designed to provide you with advanced training in the legal issues that impact academic institutions. If you’re an educator who is interested in executive leadership within education systems, an understanding of educational law is critical. Start on your path to success as an educator or a leader in a school or university through our educational law degree program.

Your time is important, so the Ph.D. in Education – Educational Law is available 100% online so that you can fit your coursework into your schedule. You may choose to network with faculty and peers within the program by participating in optional intensive courses on our campus in Lynchburg, Va., as well. Liberty University is dedicated to helping you earn your degree around your commitments.

We believe that biblical values build good policy, so your courses in the online education degree will focus on helping you to examine relevant topics and current events in light of a Christian worldview. Come join Liberty’s mission to Train Champions for Christ by equipping educators to use the law for the benefit of students.

Liberty University’s core education courses can enhance your knowledge of education policy, structure, theories, and educational law. Because educational law is just as critical as educational leadership in the managing of academic institutions, this program will focus on key areas of leadership with an emphasis on educational law. Our courses in the Ph.D. in Education – Educational Law online program can help you develop new skills as you learn strategic management solutions to common leadership problems in organizations.

Liberty’s online doctoral degree in education emphasizes a Christian perspective in learning theory and can help you approach education and education research through the lens of a biblical worldview. You can also learn how global culture, legal, and economic factors can inform your approach to student engagement at different levels of schooling.

Through this program, you can:

  • Learn how to evaluate education theories for application in both professional and academic settings.
  • Analyze theories and evidence-based practices that inform leadership, research, and teacher preparation in educational law.
  • Design and conduct original research that adds to the knowledge base of the education field.
  • Use cutting-edge educational technology to engage students and develop research, which can be implemented in your dissertation.
  • Study legal policy in education and learner development.
  • Develop educational law expertise in special education and other essential topics.

In the educational law area of study, you can gain specialized knowledge of larger policies that affect the field of education and the role of education policy. This area of study can help you analyze pedagogical concepts based on research and knowledge of the discipline.

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