Corporate Advantage Affiliate Program

With Liberty University’s Corporate Advantage Affiliate Program, we make it easy for you to get the support you need to meet your education goals. By providing a variety of partnership options and world-class education, we are sure you will find exactly what you need.

Liberty’s Corporate Advantage Program offers benefits both for employers and their employees, and we make the process for setting up payments and benefits easy for both!

Benefits to Employers

  • Corporate Advantage Tuition Discounts only available to partners and their employees
  • Strengthen your organization by establishing motivated and engaged employees
  • Special payment plan options designed to work with corporate pay schedules

Benefits to Employees

  • Strengthen your skills and improve your career opportunities
  • Flexible online format to work and pursue your educational goals
  • Special payment plan options that work with your company benefits and pay schedule
  • Potential college credit for life experience and professional training through Experience Plus     

If your employer offers tuition assistance benefits, Liberty offers two special payment arrangements that will help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

Liberty University Works with a Variety of Employers to Offer Discounts to Eligible Students

Liberty University is proud to work with a variety of companies and organizations to provide a unique mix of educational benefits. We work hand-in-hand with employers to ensure that employees receive an affordable and accessible way to take advantage of everything they can through their educational experience. 

Liberty is affiliated with organizations in many industries including but not limited to healthcare, public safety, business, education, and church/missions. 

Not only do we work with employers to provide education benefits but also with employees to understand and apply the benefits that employers provide. We also offer a Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance option and work with students to make payments with financial aid or payment plans.