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Financial Check In

Liberty University’s Financial Check-In Process

Liberty University’s Financial Check-In (FCI) process is required for all students to complete each semester to secure their course registration, remit payment, confirm personal information, request book vouchers and view important policy information. Financial Check-In must be completed, even if a student does not have a balance. Students who complete FCI early receive better payment plan options, and the peace of mind knowing that their registration is secure.

Make sure you are aware of your upcoming Financial Check-In deadline by reviewing our academic calendar.

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How to Complete Financial Check-In

  1. Log in to your ASIST account.
  2. Select the “Student” tab
  3. Click on “Financial Check-In” and follow the prompts.
  4. Print or save the FCI receipt of completion, for your records.

Watch our Liberty University Financial Check-In tutorial videos for assistance in completing FCI. 

Important Financial Check-In Information

  1. Your initial payment will begin processing upon completion of FCI. The earlier FCI is completed, the more payment plan options are available to you.
  2. If you have a previous balance of $200 or more, you must resolve that balance to complete FCI.
  3. If charges or changes occur after the FCI agreement is in place, resulting in an increase or decrease in any remaining draft amounts, it is your responsibility to confirm the adjustment of your payment plan. This can be accomplished by re-completing FCI and confirming the new draft amounts. Once you have confirmed the new draft amounts, you will receive an updated Check-In receipt that displays the changed draft amounts. An adjustment to your payment plan must be done through the FCI process at least five (5) days before the next scheduled draft date. If you do not confirm the adjusted drafts, then the previously confirmed draft will be processed.
  4. A payment made by web, mail, or with a cashier in the Student Service Center to cover a draft or your balance in full will not prevent the next scheduled draft from being processed. It is your responsibility to confirm the adjustment of your payment plan within FCI at least five (5) days before the next scheduled draft date.
  5. Please make sure you are aware of the Financial Check-In deadline for your courses. If you do not complete FCI by the appropriate deadline, your courses may be dropped, and a $125 late fee may be assessed to your student account. 

Liberty University Student Accounts Contact Information

If you need additional assistance with the Financial Check-in process, please contact our Student Accounts Office.

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