Liberty University Online Tuition and Fees Most of our tuition rates rank in the top 33% for affordability and have been frozen for 9 years through June 2025!

Locked-in low rates – for 9 years and counting

As a nonprofit institution, Liberty University strives to keep costs affordable for you. Most of our online tuition rates rank in the top 33% for affordability when compared to our leading online competitors and have been frozen for 9 years through June 2025!




per hour

Part-time $455/hour
Military $250/hour




per hour

Part-time $615/hour
Military $275/hour


Block Rate


per semester

Graduate Military $2,475/semester
Doctoral Military $2,700/semester




per hour

Part-time $650/hour
Military as low as $300/hour

The above figures are general rates. For more specific program rates, please see below.

Program Specific Rates: 2023-2025 Full-time per hour Part-time per hour
Undergraduate $390 $455
Graduate $565 $615
RN to BSN., RN to BSN – Global Studies $330 $330
BSN – MSN (Dual Degree)1 $460 $520
Ed.D in Community Care and Counseling $595 $650
Master of Education / Master of Arts in Teaching2 $415 $615
Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences3 $605 $605
Liberty Theological Seminary Master’s Programs4 $2,750 block rate $395
Liberty Theological Seminary D.Min. and Ph.D. Programs5 $2,750 block rate $395
Doctoral Programs and Ed.S. $595 $650
DNP-Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Post-MSN and Post-BSN)5 $1,200 $1,200
Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health5 $1,200 $1,200
Doctor of Nursing Practice $595 $650
Military Undergraduate $250 $250
Military Seminary Master’s $2,475 block rate $275
Military Graduate/Ed.D., Ed.S., D.Min. Programs6 $275 $275
Military Graduate/Doctorate7 $300 $300

K-12 Online Academy

$549/Full-year course

LUOA Discount: Parents who attend Liberty University Online may be eligible to receive a 10% tuition discount for their child to enroll with Liberty University Online Academy.8

Wilmington School of the Bible


2024-2025 Cost of Attendance Allowances

Liberty University Student Financial Services establishes the annual cost of attendance allowances to help students and their families prepare financially for the academic year. The below allowances for online students are estimates and may vary depending on students’ individual spending decisions. These allowances are “indirect,” meaning they are not charged directly to student accounts. Direct charges that are applied to student accounts are listed above in the Online Program Costs sections.

Allowance Type Full Time Half Time
Housing (Off Campus) $8,090 $8,090
Housing (Off Campus with Parent) $4,276 $4,276
Food $3,110 $3,110
Fees $698 $698
Loan Fees (Graduate/Doctoral Students) $112 $112
Books, Supplies, and Course Materials1 $1,332 $666
Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses $3,418 $3,418
Transportation $1,700 $1,700

Allowances in this chart are based on a student attending the online program at either a full-time or half-time enrollment status for 9 months of enrollment, typically the Fall and Spring semesters.
 1 The Books, Supplies, and Course Materials allowance for online undergraduate students will be factored in at a decreased rate, because their 
Inclusive Access charges are waived.


Liberty University is committed to providing world-class education and helping students achieve their educational goals. See if you qualify for these extra discounts.

First Responder Discount

First Responder

A 25% tuition discount and personalized service throughout your experience.

Tuition Assistance


Deployment-friendly classes, military-focused degrees, and special pricing.

Small Business Discount LUO

Small Business

Get a 15% discount on any of our 600+ available degrees.

Online Phd Business Administration

Corporate Assistance

We offer benefits for both employers and their employees.

Scholarship Opportunities

Abigail Hayes Miss Oregon

Making College More Affordable

Scholarships designed to help gain financial support through academic or other achievements.

Financing Options

Interest-free payment plans

We offer you the option of a monthly payment plan to pay any remaining balance on your student account.

Potential Program Fees

Fee Type Cost
Application fee $50 (deferred)
Technology fee $349 per semester
Late Financial Check-In fee $150
Payment plan participation $50 per plan
Portfolio assessment fee $100
Degree Completion Application fee $100 for degrees and $50 for certificates
Course Fees View the course fees chart

Additional Definitions

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