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Liberty University Online Student Advocate Office

Liberty University Online Programs Student Advocate Office

The Liberty University Online Student Advocate Office exists to assist online students with overcoming obstacles preventing the completion of their chosen degree. The Online Student Advocate Office accomplishes this goal by acting as a mediator between the student and our university departments (e.g., Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Withdrawals, etc.). This office also works with students facing challenges affecting academic progress. These challenges may include but are not limited to academic standing (warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal), extenuating personal or medical situations, concerns with courses, and other university-related issues.

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Academic Standing Contracts

In some cases, to resolve your academic standing, the Registrar’s Office will require you to have an Academic Standing Contract. The Academic Standing Consultants of the Online Student Advocate team specializes in working with students experiencing academic standing concerns. Our Academic Standing Consultants create individualized academic contracts while keeping in mind the ultimate goal of supporting students in the successful completion of their programs. These academic contracts are designed to assist students in meeting their program GPA requirements for graduation. Our consultants work directly with the Registrar’s Office, the Academic Deans in relevant departments, and the student to ensure that the academic contract aligns with the student’s unique study habits, program GPA requirements, and career goals.

Contact Information

For more information about resolving academic standing issues, please contact an Academic Standing Consultant at or a Student Advocate at

For all other questions regarding degree completion and requirements, please contact Academic Advising at (800) 424-9595. It would be our privilege to assist you!