Learn How to Get Started and Complete Important Steps

Our Instructional Media Team has created a variety of tutorial videos that provide clear and concise directions on how to use a wide range of the tools and resources that are available to online students. Through these tutorials, Liberty University seeks to help you develop into a more confident and competent student.

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Getting Started

The following tutorial will prepare you as you begin your academic journey at Liberty University with steps on how to set up your Liberty University Account. Through your Liberty Account, you will have access to Blackboard, academic resources, Liberty news, course information, and other important information. To receive assistance with your Liberty Network Account, feel free to contact HelpdeskDIY.

Tutorials Claiming Your Liberty Account

DCPA (Degree Completion Plan Audit)

The Degree Completion Plan is critical for knowing where you are in your academic journey and which courses need to be taken towards its completion. These online tutorials will help you locate the Degree Completion Plan Audit, download your degree plan, determine degree plan changes, and show you how to calculate your GPA.

Tutorials DCPA Degree Completion Plan Audit

Degree Completion Plan (DCP) Audit

To find out what classes you have left to take before graduation or to request a degree change, take a look at the DCP Audit tutorial.

Tutorials DCPA Degree Completion Plan Audit GPA Calculator


Degree Completion Plan (DCP)- GPA Calculator

You can use this online tool to help determine what grades you need to earn your desired GPA

Tutorials Downloading Your DCPA Degree Completion Plan Audit


Downloading Your Degree Completion Plan Audit

Learn how to download your DCPA in a PDF file to help stay on top of your educational goals!

Tutorials What If Analysis Tool


The What-If Analysis Tool

Learn how to utilize the What-If Tool to help determine the changes that will take place should you decide to make a change to your degree program or minor.


Course Registration 2.0


Registration 2.0

Learn how to register for courses based on your degree plan.

Financial Check-In Process Tutorials

The following tutorial shows you how to complete Financial Check-in, how to adjust payment preferences, how to correct financial information, and where you can review your Financial Check-in details.

Financial Check In FCI 2.0

Financial Check-In 2.0

Learn more about this step of your Financial Check-In.

Books and Course Materials

The academic tutorials provided below will show you how to purchase and access textbooks or other course materials for your online courses. 

Locating Books Via Asist

Locating Books via ASIST

Learn how to see your required course materials from ASIST.

Student Resources

Below are several tutorials that will show you how to access and take advantage of many online student resources for easier access and better academic performance.

android email setup tutorial video

Android Email Setup

Learn how to add your Liberty Webmail to Android.

Liberty Today Tutorial Video

Liberty Today

Learn the basics of the free Liberty Today app.

tips for taking online assessments

Tips for Taking Online Quizzes and Tests

Learn important tips for taking online quizzes and tests.

ios email set up tutorial video

iOS Email Setup

Learn how to add your Liberty Webmail to iOS.    

how to manage your time tutorial video

How to Manage Your Time

Budget and manage your time effectively.         

Direct Integration (BlackBoard) Tutorial Video

Direct Integration (Blackboard)

Watch this video to learn more about the Direct Integration tools available for some courses through Blackboard.


setting up your liberty email in outlook tutorial video

Outlook Email Setup

Learn how to add your Liberty Webmail in Outlook.

Creating An Organized Workspace Tutorial Video

Organize Your Workspace

Learn how to create an organized workspace. 

LU Network tutorial Video

LU Network

Learn how to search for Jobs and Internships through the LU Network.


SEtting up your email in apple mail

Apple Mail Setup

Learn to add your Liberty Webmail to your Apple Mail.

sqr4 study strategy tutorial video

SQ4R Study Strategy

Use SQ4R study strategy to improve your studies.

Researching A Company Tutorial Video

Researching a Company

Learn how to research a company to prepare for a job fair.