Learn How to Get Started and Complete Important Steps

Liberty University has created a variety of tutorial videos that provide clear and concise directions on how to use a wide range of the tools and resources that are available to online students. Through these tutorials, Liberty University seeks to help you develop into a more confident and competent student.

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Getting Started

The tutorial video on the right can prepare you as you begin your academic journey at Liberty University with steps on how to set up your Liberty University Account.

Through your Liberty Account, you will have access to Canvas, academic resources, Liberty news, course information, and other important information. To receive assistance with your Liberty Account, feel free to contact HelpdeskDIY.

  • FAFSA and Verification – Learn more about the FAFSA and Verification with this page
  • Using Canvas – Learn how to access your courses with a quick lesson on using Canvas

Tutorials Claiming Your Liberty Account

DCPA (Degree Completion Plan Audit)

The Degree Completion Plan is critical for knowing where you are in your academic journey and which courses need to be taken towards its completion. Please visit the link below for more details, including a video resource, on how to track your degree progress by using the Degree Completion tab within Course Registration.

Course Registration Help

Seamlessly register for classes and keep on track for graduation using the new Degree completion tab inside of Course Registration. Here, you can also find further instructional videos on how to do various tasks, such as your Degree Completion Plan Audit.

Classroom full of students with laptops, predominantly featuring a blond, smiling, female student.


Course Registration

Learn how to register for courses based on your degree plan. Some of the tasks covered here are how to add and drop courses, view your class schedule, and access your degree completion plan.

Course Registration 2.0

Financial Check-In Tutorials

Financial Check-In 

Learn how to complete Financial Check-in, how to adjust payment preferences, how to correct financial information, and where you can review your Financial Check-in details.

Financial Check In Video

Student Resources

Here are some archived videos and webinars that will show you how to access and take advantage of many online student resources for easier access and better academic performance.

Why You Should Choose Liberty

 Why Choose Liberty

Watch this video to find out some of the great reasons to choose Liberty.

Using The Online Writing Center Using the Online Writing Center

Watch this video to find out more about how the online writing center can help you.

Online Research Basics Online Research Basics

Watch this video to discover how the Jerry Falwell Library can help you conduct research.

Navigating Your Course Navigating Your Courses

Learn how to navigate your courses and what IT resources are available to you.



Watch this video to learn more about Canvas. Learn about why Liberty chose to use this learning management system to host our courses and help make a more engaging and dynamic educational experience available for you.        

Canvas Video