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Liberty University’s Ph.D. in Psychology – Developmental Psychology provides an in-depth study of human growth and development that can help give you advanced insight into human psychology. Through rigorous research training that can prepare you for a career in academia and research, Liberty’s online Ph.D. in Psychology is ideal for students who want to bring new knowledge of human behavior to the field and find new ways to help people heal, grow, and thrive.

Our Ph.D. in Psychology is designed to equip you to evaluate research and to understand the truth about human behavior from a biblical worldview. Our mission is to Train Champions for Christ, and we fulfill this mission by training professionals to use science and biblical values to understand the full breadth of human experience. Our unique, biblically-based approach to this field can help prepare you to make a positive impact on those around you.

With Liberty’s Ph.D. in Psychology, you will have the option of attending on-campus intensives that allow you to meet faculty and other students while you develop your professional and research skills. Unlike many other online doctoral programs in psychology, our students can be a part of an online and on-campus community.

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Our online Ph.D. in Psychology can be completed 100% online, providing the flexibility you need to complete your doctorate around your busy schedule. This program also provides a community of psychology professionals and the ability to take optional on-campus intensive courses to allow you to connect in person with your peers and professors.

Liberty integrates a biblical worldview foundation into this program’s in-depth study of developmental psychology. This perspective in your research and practical training in psychology can help you develop professional and academic excellence without compromising an ethical appreciation for human life.

With our online Ph.D. in Psychology, you can learn effective clinical techniques, advanced behavioral theory, and develop your research and writing expertise. You can benefit from a thorough study of human thought and behavior while developing your own research to further the field’s body of knowledge in developmental psychology.

Earning a Ph.D. in Psychology online with Liberty means that you will be trained to engage with research and psychological practice critically and biblically. If you want to pursue a deeper understanding of human growth and development while respecting the inherent value of human life, Liberty’s Ph.D. in Psychology – Developmental Psychology is the program you need.

Liberty’s online Ph.D. in Psychology is designed to build on your previous study and experience in human psychology. Our in-depth course of study can help develop you into a researcher and psychologist who demonstrates ethical and academic excellence while integrating biblical values into your practice.

Through this program, you will:

  • Learn how an appreciation of biblical values enhances psychological practice by putting human value at the forefront of technique and theory.
  • Develop a grounded critical approach to psychological research and theory while integrating a biblical worldview into approaches to current issues in psychology.
  • Master psychological research and writing techniques that can establish your work in the study of human behavior.
  • Complete dissertation research through your program with mentorship from your professors.

Our goal is to help you become a thought leader on a variety of topics related to the human experience. With the specialization in developmental psychology, you will investigate specialized approaches to developmental issues in child psychology, develop an approach to treating adults with childhood trauma, and establish expertise in developmental growth studies.

You can enter the world of psychological research while practicing and offering insights based on biblical foundations of truth that can help patients heal and thrive.

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