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Who We Are

In 1971, the Rev. Jerry Falwell dreamed about world change. He envisioned a generation of professionals in every field who loved God, served others, and were the best at whatever they were called to be. He saw a university on a mountain where this training could happen—and he started to build it. Less than 50 years later, Liberty University is an accredited evangelical liberal arts institution with 16 colleges and schools, over 100,000 students, and 550+ programs of study from the certificate to the doctoral level. Over 250 of these programs are available to students around the globe through our online programs.

We The Champions Video

More than that, Liberty University trains pilots, counselors, CEOs, nurses, teachers, artists, law enforcement personnel, pastors—professionals in almost every field who love God, serve others in their communities, and are the best at what they are called to be. It trains Champions for Christ.

Impact the World

Emphasizing just the right balance between academic theory, research, and hands-on training, Liberty’s unique approach to education means that you will be prepared to not only succeed in your profession of choice but also to adapt and thrive in a constantly changing marketplace.

At Liberty University, you’ll be equipped to do your job ethically and with excellence — and you’ll gain the critical thinking, research, data analysis, and communication skills that transfer to a variety of fields, making you an essential contributor in your field and the kind of leader who inspires others.

Hard work, courage, and integrity define our faith, so we don’t just equip students with a degree — we Train Champions for Christ who impact the world.

Online Programs – An Extension of Our Mission and Our Campus

What started as a vision for a thriving university in Virginia has now spread across the world. Online education programs have been growing in popularity, but Liberty University has been paving the way in distance education since the mid-1980s. Our online program began in 1985 as the Liberty University School of Lifelong Learning because through distance education, many students were able to work while attending school for the first time.

Our distance education programs started as correspondence courses. Liberty would mail VHS tapes loaded with course content to students, and students would send back in assignments and tests overseen by a proctor. The internet boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s made it possible for Liberty to offer Christian college degree programs exclusively online.

Today, students access their course content in Blackboard, an online learning platform. Tests and assignments that once had to be mailed back to the campus in Virginia are now submitted online without ever leaving home. Liberty’s state-of-the-art digital resources allow students to connect with classmates as well as access the best in academic resources, including over 750,000 electronic books, journals, and peer-reviewed articles. Students also have access to the Online Writing Center and online student communities.

You are always welcome to come and explore Liberty’s campus in Lynchburg, Va. On-campus intensives, Homecoming, and Commencement are wonderful events to participate in as an online student and provide opportunities for you to connect with your school. But even if you don’t, know that the most important thing we build here is changed lives — at Liberty, you’ll benefit from over 30 years of learning, growing, adapting, and innovating for the distance learner and more than a decade of researching the needs of the online student. You can be confident that we’ve taken the time to learn what’s important to you.

Our Faculty

Being a Christian University doesn’t mean we only offer Bible college programs.

Liberty offers hundreds of degrees including undergraduate and graduate certificates as well as associate, bachelor’s, graduate, and doctoral programs in fields such as cyber security, business, and education. If you’re interested in an online Bible college program, the Willmington School of the Bible is a great fit.

The faculty who will mentor you at Liberty are distinguished men and women with years of real-world experience, advanced degrees from some of the world’s most respected schools, and a strong commitment to the Christian faith.

Each member of our faculty is dedicated to mentorship and to helping students become leaders in their field. They combine academic excellence with robust Christian faith and are determined to help you do the same.

Our Graduates

Your degree won’t just change your life — you’ll use it to change others’ lives. At Liberty, we’ll help you with the details of your education so that you can get your degree and all the benefits that come with it. All of our courses are taught from a biblical perspective. We don’t just train skilled professionals — we train exceptional professionals who want to make a difference. Our mission is to develop Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential for impacting the world.

Graduates leave Liberty skilled and confident, ready to serve others and make a lasting impact on their profession. Recruiters from companies including Apple, Google, IBM, and KPMG actively seek out Liberty alumni because integrity, personal discipline, compassion, and versatility are the hallmarks of a Liberty education. We also offer a strong online community where you can connect with classmates and build an academic and professional network — connections that will help you throughout your degree program and beyond.

Our vision for you extends past graduation. Getting the right job often requires both a good education and effective networking — Liberty helps you with both. Our Career Center is here to help you find the career that’s right for you. You’ll have access to services such as résumé critiquing, online career fairs, and externship and internship opportunities. And our LU Network connects job seekers like you with employers around the world.

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