Counselor Education and Family Studies
Faculty & Staff

Administrative Faculty

Kevin Corsini

Kevin Corsini, Ph.D.
Vice Provost of Academic Operations

Steve Warren

Steve Warren, Ph.D.
Dean of School of Behavioral Sciences

Kevin Van Wynsberg

Kevin Van Wynsberg, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean of School of Behavioral Sciences

Jeffrey Boatner, Ph.D
Associate Dean


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Jeanne BrooksJeanne Brooks, Ph.D.

Susanne KirkpatrickBrandi Chamberlin
Online Chair

Denise DanielDenise Daniel, Ph.D.

Mary DeaconMary Deacon, Ph.D.

Nicole DiLella

Nicole DiLella, Ph.D.
Director Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Patti Hinkley

Patti Hinkley, Ed.D.
Online Chair, Professional Counseling Program

Victor Hinson

Victor Hinson, Ed.D.

David Jenkins

David Jenkins, Psy.D.
Director of Addictions Program

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson, Ph.D., Th.M
Director of Clinical Training

Meagan JonesMeagan Jones, Ph.D.

Anita Knight

Anita Knight, Ph.D.

Christopher Phillips

Suzanne E. Mikkelson, Ph.D.

Director of Marriage and Family Counseling 

Edward Edman

Elias Moitinho, Ph.D., LPC-S, LPC, LMFT, BCPCC
Residential Department Chair,
Professor of Counseling

Edward EdmanJoy Mwendwa, Ph.D.

Mark Myers

Mark Myers, Ph.D.

Melvin Pride

Melvin Pride, Ph.D.

Rita Schellenberg

Rita Schellenberg, Ph.D.
Online Chair, Director of School Counseling Program

Laurel ShalerLaurel Shaler, Ph.D.
Online Chair

Paul ReynoldsGary Sibcy, Ph.D.

Lisa Sosin

Lisa Sosin, Ph.D.
Director of PhD Counseling

John Thomas

John C. Thomas, Ph.D.

Fred Volk

Fred Volk, Ph.D.

Jacqueline Wirth

Jacqueline L. Wirth, Ph.D.
Residential Assistant Professor



Susanne KirkpatrickJacob Beasley
Practicum & Internship Gate Coordinator

Susanne KirkpatrickScott Bose
Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Chelsea BevinsZachary Bullock
Program Support Coordinator

Kristen EdmondsonKristen Edmondson
Practicum & Internship Gate Coordinator

Bonnie GouldBonnie Gould
Administrative Assistant

Susanne KirkpatrickTyler Harris
Verifications and LiveText Gate Coordinator

Courtney HolleymanCourtney Holleyman
CMHC Practicum & Internship Gate Coordinator

Susanne Kirkpatrick

Susanne Kirkpatrick
Faculty Support Coordinator

Erica Lust
CPCE Gate Coordinator

Jessica MostellerJessica Mosteller
Field Coordinator for School Counseling

Diamond Sciequan
Program Support Coordinator

Katie ThomasKatie Thomas
Faculty Support Coordinator

Andrew TrowbridgeAndrew Trowbridge
Faculty Support Coordinator


Kelli YuzonKelli Yuzon