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Liberty University is home to over 150 student-led clubs. Clubs exist to connect students with similar interests and passions. Below is a list of Liberty University’s clubs, along with the names of their Club Presidents. If you are interested in learning more about how to start a club or have any questions pertaining to clubs, check out the documents on the Clubs Forms and Resources page or contact the Clubs Team at SGAClubs@liberty.edu.

If you are interested in receiving more information about any of the following clubs, please contact SGAClubs@liberty.edu.


Liberty University Student Government Association Clubs


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  • Abide 15:4: Our purpose is to provide a setting where students can memorize Scripture with like-minded peers while growing spiritually and forging lasting Christ-centered relationships.
    President: Elizabeth Mathews & Benaiah De Leon
  • Accounting Society: We allow students to learn from experienced accountants and educate students on their future careers while socializing with students, professors, and potential employers.
    PresidentSophie Giurleo
  • Across Generations: We express God’s love by serving seniors in the LYH community by providing fun activities and chances for our members to share their faith.
    President: Marysol Hohl
  • Actuarial Club: Our goal is to provide resources and a community for any actuarial student. The road of an actuary is challenging, and we provide guidance for every step of the journey.
    President: Benjamin Erickson
  • Africa Connect Association: Our purpose is to bring together African students to identify economic issues in Africa through research and to connect opportunities in Africa to business entities in the US.
    President: Amanuel Egata
  • AI Competition Club: We spread the knowledge of AI and AI concepts among the student body of Liberty University.
    President: Anthony Gorman
  • AIGA: The American Institute of Graphic Arts is the profession’s oldest official organization for design. LU’s chapter offers opportunities to grow as artists and professionals.
    President: Benjamin Pattara
  • Alexander Hamilton Society: AHS sponsors international relations/national security panels and members have opportunities to be part of a national network of experts and professionals in many fields.
    President: Ryan Mapes
  • Alpha Phi Sigma (Not Affiliated with SGA): Become a member of the national criminal justice honor society! Gain opportunities for scholarship and career advancement as you connect with the criminal justice arena.
    Affiliated with Helms School of Government
  • American Marketing Association (AMA): We are a diverse group of students who are passionate about marketing. Our chapter provides valuable experiences and networking opportunities every year.
    President: Emma Young
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE): ASCE supports students’ interests in Civil Engineering. Members participate in on-campus construction site tours, hands-on activities, and hear from engineering companies.
    President: Graham Baker
  • American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP): We promote occupational safety and health principles to students and train them to create safe work environments by preventing workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.
    President: Jackson Seely
  • Asian American Association: Our purpose, goal, and mission is to build a welcoming community for Asians, Asian Americans, and those interested in sharing in Asian American culture.
    President: Devin Phandara
  • ASL Club: Our purpose is to provide LU students interested in American Sign Language with opportunities to experience deaf culture through interacting with the deaf community.
    President: Grace Tang
  • Association of Christian School International: Professional Association of Christian Educators (PACE): We help future educators combine our passions for teaching and Christ. We enrich the professional development of LU’s SOE students through service projects and fellowship.
    President: Kristen Solle
  • Association of Latin American Students (ALAS): ALAS provides a platform for Latin American students to grow as they are exposed to opportunities and events. Join our Latino community to grow and learn together!
    President: Domenica Jones
  • Association of Students of African Descent (ASAD): We learn about Africa’s beauty and various cultures through activities, fellowship, and promotion of missions work, and we help connect domestic and international students.
    President: Hatangimana Lea
  • Astronomy Club (Not Affiliated with SGA): We strive to understand more about creation around us. Anyone is welcome to join! Meetings are Tuesday nights at the Observatory, weather permitting.
    Affiliated with College of Arts & Sciences: Department of Mathematics
  • Athletic Training Student Association: We train healthcare students in sports medicine to display God’s love through service and support them by fundraising, educational opportunities, and fellowship.
    President: Abigail Maracle
  • Autism Advocates: Our purpose is to engage the campus and local community through awareness, education, and fundraising to positively affect those struggling with autism spectrum disorders.
    President: Hannah Frazer
  • Aviation Safety Club: We seek to establish a safety culture within the School of Aeronautics. We educate students on aviation safety issues and equip students to foster a community of safety.
    President: Jackson Smith

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  • Barkada Club: We strive to create an inviting community for Filipinos, Filipino Americans, and those intrigued by Filipino culture to come together and unite.
    President: Cassandra Morris
  • Bass Fishing Club: Our purpose is to inform LU students about the sport of bass fishing and allow students to participate in competitive bass fishing at a collegiate level.
    President: Holden Zinda
  • Biology Club: The Biology Club promotes students engagement with creation through discussions of research, science experiences, internships, or outings to the zoo or hikes.
    President: Genesis Schat
  • Brass of LU (BLU): We provide opportunities for brass instrumentalists to increase their knowledge of performance, research, entrepreneurship, and pedagogy through workshops and masterclasses.
    President: Delaney Coy
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club: We promote the self-defense art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a Christian atmosphere through various practical training methods and encourage camaraderie and sportsmanship.
    President: Kaden Unroe
  • Brazilian Student Association: We promote fellowship among Brazilian students, serve the community as Christians, and host events that bring Brazilian traditions to LU.
    President: Ana Julia Escorcio Oliveira

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  • Campus Outreach: We foster a community with sincerity, depth, and intentionality in the faith. We equip students to pursue God, engage the lost world, and prepare for the Christian life.
    President: Charlotte Dorman
  • Caribbean Student Association: CSA serves as a hub for Caribbean students that want a home away from home. We strive to educate and facilitate cultural diversity throughout the entire campus and Lynchburg.
    President: Tayla Butler
  • Catholic Campus Ministry: CCM fosters community for those practicing Catholicism at LU. We allow both non-Catholics and Catholics to learn about the many expressions of Christianity without prejudice.
    President: Gianna DeRosa
  • Chess Club: We welcome any chess player regardless of experience, and lessons are available. We provide opportunities to participate in tournaments and other competitive aspects of chess.
    President: Harry Dykes
  • Chinese Culture Club: We learn about the Chinese culture and foster community among students. We use activities to educate students on this culture’s history and expand their appreciation for it.
    President: Chloe Jensen
  • Chinese Student Christian Association: We seek to preach the gospel to the Chinese people and strengthen the Christian body. We use biblical teaching and spiritual leadership to train Chinese champions for Christ.
    President: Kevin Tang
  • Club Psych: Club Psych exists so that students are able to learn about psychology-related topics from a Biblical worldview and use this knowledge to impact the campus and community.
    President: Braeden Pitts
  • College Republicans: We provide opportunities to engage in the political process through education/campaigns. At LU, we promote Christ-following candidates who will keep America first in policy.
    President: Jesse Hughes
  • Compassion @ LU: We partner with Compassion International to raise awareness for poverty, engage students in protecting the vulnerable, and create sponsorship opportunities.
    President: Emily Del Grosso
  • Competitive Programming Club: A club to teach core programming concepts concepts along with preparing students to compete at the International Collegiate Programming Contest. We welcome all skill levels.
    President: Cameron Kauffman
  • Contrails: Contrails helps students surround themselves with the right people and the right places to create the right opportunities for their aviation career.
    President: Trent Born
  • Council for Exceptional Children: CEC works to provide resources and opportunities to educate our Liberty community and to serve exceptional children through on-campus events and by partnering with TRBC iKids.
    President: Maddy Grund
  • Creationeer Café: We seek to cultivate a community that grows ideas to glorify God by providing access to creative outlets, driven community, Christ-centered culture, and practical strategy.
    President: Nathanael Breed
  • Creative Writing and Fiction Club: As a club of writers, poets, bards and book lovers who meet to escape the rigors of school, we welcome the pen experts and those who are just figuring out how to use one!
    President: Elisabeth Pate
  • Criminal Justice Club: We promote the criminal justice field through Bible studies, volunteer work, trips to criminal justice organizations, lectures with professionals, and firearms training.
    President: Cecilia Crossett
  • Cru at Liberty: If ministry at local colleges and high schools interests you, join Cru! We also provide opportunities for international trips, social events, weekly Bible studies, and more.
    President: Gabrielle Hanna
  • Cure U: We support hospitalized children and underprivileged families locally and globally by raising funds and moral support for Cure U International hospital in Zambia.
    President: Asia Eskaros
  • Cybersecurity Club: We promote skills for the defense of our networks and computers so students can compete in cyber defense competitions and enhance LU’s reputation for technological excellence.
    President: Caleb Chen

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  • Delight at Liberty: Delight is a nation-wide ministry with the mission of inviting college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.
    Presidents: Molly Pugh
  • Delta Mu Delta Honor Society (Not Affiliated with SGA): We are LU’s chapter of the business honor society. We recognize academic excellence in business students, foster their well-being, and network with the business community.
    Affiliated with School of Business
  • Disney Club: We reminisce on our childhood memories by discussing Disney-related topics, playing Disney trivia, and interviewing Cast Members, Imagineers, and College Program Alumni.
    President: Peri Obitz
  • Drone Club: We promote safe and enjoyable flying of drones! Through meeting and events, we seek to not only fly drones for fun, but have competitions, learning sessions, and drone builds.
    President: Tyler Faulkner

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  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Club: We help make LU a safer place by teaching basic first aid skills to students and supporting those who are certified in EMS by helping find job and volunteer opportunities.
    President: Jai Jai Forsberg
  • Enactus: We strive to benefit LU and the LYH community through personal connections and applying our entrepreneurial skills. We meet Thursdays at 5 in the Center for Entrepreneurship.
    President: Koby Hagen
  • Engineering Missions and Research Club: We gather engineering students who can contribute research to society and stimulate a research mindset in students to promote research in academic and mission oriented topics.
    President: Caleb Schaible
  • Eta Sigma Gamma Honor Society (Not Affiliated with SGA): As a National Health Education Honorary for Public Health/Health Ed students, we elevate the standards, ideals, competence, & ethics of students that follow NCHEC Competencies.
    Affiliated with School of Health Sciences, Department of Public and Community Health
  • Evan Club: We equip and exhort LU students to actively evangelize and to see the people in our community of LYH go from death to life by accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    President: Madyson Kohl
  • Event Planning Society: EPS is a great way to hear from and network with professionals in all different areas of the events industry such as wedding planners, florists, corporate planners, caterers, and more!
    President: Lauren Carr

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  • Family and Child Development Association: We enhance the education of Family and Childhood Development students through opportunities to cultivate professional attitudes and competencies.
    President: Sarah Kenthack
  • Fashion Design and Merchandising Association: We promote student involvement in the fashion industry through opportunities for community, ministry, and leadership by hosting monthly meetings and service projects.
    President: Freedom Peters
  • Fencing Club: We allow students to learn to fence competitively and practice skills. We train students in sport fencing, promote the physical fitness of members, and provide fellowship.
    President: Sean Ryan
  • Field Hockey Club: Our mission is for female students to enjoy a sport while meeting new friends. Through fun scrimmages, students can stop worrying about school and play an engaging sport.
    President: Amber Zelem
  • Financial Management Association: We provide finance students with a network of business professionals who are dedicated to Christ and will provide resources to the next generation of finance-minded leaders.
    President: David Winemiller
  • Forensic Science Club: We expose students to forensic biology and chemistry disciplines, establish a presence in the American Association of Forensic Science, and provide networking opportunities.
    President: Kendall Oxford
  • French Club: We help students better their skills in the French language through conversation, activities, and learning about the cultures associated with the French language.
    President: Madi Barrieau

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  • Game Design Club: All majors and backgrounds are welcome to join us as we work together to create video games to the glory of God. We meet up 1/week and have 1 game jam per semester.
    President: Israel Ownbey
  • Gardening Club: The Gardening Club here at Liberty is an organization dedicated to growing plants. Gardeners of all skill levels welcome!
    President: Mark Roylance
  • Global Strategy & Supply Chain Association: We provide tools to stand apart in the business field through real-world experiences, training, projects, and supply chain management and international business events.
    President: Catalina Montesinos
  • Global Studies Club: We engage with cultures and grow in faith through events with LU clubs/departments, hosting speakers, and interacting with the LYH global community. All majors welcome!
    President: Caleb Hines
  • God’s Covenant Love: We strive to share the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to people of all nations through teaching, serving, leading, worshipping, and gathering to fellowship with one another.
    President: Geon Kang

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  • Habitat for Humanity: We build homes for low-income families in and near LYH. Join us if you enjoy helping others, trying new things, and are seeking a hands-on experience. No skills required!
    President: Susanna Lyon
  • Hallyu Club: We learn about Korean bands, music, and other Korean entertainment and use it to share the gospel. We host events to foster creativity and share a passion for hallyu culture.
    President: Isabella John
  • Healthcare Leadership Association: We provide members with opportunities to honor God and serve with excellence in Healthcare Administration through guest speakers, service projects, and networking events.
    President: Callie Hopper
  • High Flight Mentoring Program: We help incoming students adapt to life as a collegiate aviator and motivate current and incoming students to strive for their best as they pursue a career in aviation.
    President: Brogan Turner
  • High-Performance Computing Club: We help incoming students adapt to life as a collegiate aviator and motivate current and incoming students to strive for their best as they pursue a career in aviation.
    President: Sean Mapes
  • History Honor Society – Phi Alpha Theta: We bring students, teachers, and writers of history together for intellectual exchanges which promote research and publication, all to encourage the study of history.
    President: Adaline Nolley
  • Hospitality Management Association: We aim to foster a sense of community and connection among students across all majors who share a passion for hospitality. Through monthly meetings and workshops, we share knowledge, experiences, and best practices in the hospitality industry.
    President: Tryphena Mundell

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  • Improv Team (LU Cackle Hour): We want to bring people closer to the Lord by creating clean comedy to brighten peoples day and make them laugh by performing improv shows for the student body.
    President: Lillian Good
  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers: We promote the ISE profession through study, research, and discussion of the field and spread the word of Christ in our functions so engineers can do so in their careers.
    President: Matt Nenninger
  • Interior Design Association (IDA): We strengthen students in the Interior Design program by providing resources and networking to aid them as they pursue professionalism in their future interior design careers.
    President: Qin Raisley
  • International Aviator’s Club: We help international students to settle in the School of Aeronautics by assisting and guiding them throughout their study by mentoring them academically and spiritually.
    President: Gyeongmin Kim
  • International Culture Club: Our purpose is to give students a greater appreciation for and knowledge of cultures, including a culture’s history, food, dress, spiritual state, and current missionaries.
    President: Isabelle Miller
  • International Justice Mission: The Liberty International Justice Mission Club is here to raise awareness and support for IJM to end modern slavery within our lifetime.
    President: Hazel Van Dyk

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  • Japanese Culture and Anime Club: We provide a space for those with shared interests to grow in their understanding of Japanese culture in an educational and fun manner.
    President: Anna Holmes
  • Japanese Language Club: We learn conversational, listening, and writing skills of the Japanese language and give members chances to learn about Japanese culture and create connections.
    President: Joseph Narkewicz

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  • Korean Student Association: We help Korean students at LU grow in Christ with their unique cultural background. We offer Korean cultural events and aids for students focusing on spirituality and culture.
    President: Joy Kim

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  • Liberty Automotive Club: We provide valuable information and opportunities for business students interested in the automotive industry and also welcome interested non-automotive students.
    President: Timothy Mastroberti Jr
  • Liberty Cubing Association: Our mission is to educate beginners, improve experienced Rubik’s cube solvers, and grow a God-centered community by hosting tournaments and providing an enjoyable atmosphere.
    President: Tyler DiPietro
  • Liberty Gaming Club: We provide a Christian environment for video game fans at LU to learn about past, present, or future videogame releases and organize competitions and demos of new or old games.
    President: Gabriel Byers
  • Liberty Lego Club: Join us as we make creative and functional Lego set designs and further the mission of Creationeering.
    President: Daniel Hall & John Maxwell
  • Liberty Model United Nations Association: We are a competitive club that travels around the United States to compete to Model United Nation Conferences. Each member of LUMUN represents a Member State and joins a committee either General Assembly or Security Council. The delegates discuss current issues affecting the global sphere and the interests of every country.
    President: Sophia Corredor
  • Liberty Running Club: The Liberty Running Club exists to connect runners of all levels to come together as a community that honors God by running and enjoying the gifts and talents He gave us.
    President: Jacob Dryer
  • Liberty Space: We oversee Liberty Rocketry, which launches advanced sounding rockets to 30,000 ft, and Liberty Orbit, who wants to send LU’s first satellite to Low Earth Orbit by 2026.
    President: Cole Derosett
  • Liberty Students Against Abuse: Advocating for systemic reform on campus to protect victims of sexual misconduct.
    President: Jerry Zhang
  • Liberty Students for Life: We exist to establish a presence at abortion facilities, educate the uninformed on the nature and consequences of abortion, and offer hope and show love to women and families.
    President: Summer Smith
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Truth: We discuss political, social, and religious issues prevalent in our society and help students develop a biblical worldview when analyzing these currents and issues.
    President: Allie Groat

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  • Manna Club: In partnership with Sodexo, we collect weekly leftovers from campus restaurants that would otherwise go to waste and donate them to local food banks in the LYH community.
    President: Lake Heath
  • Math Club: Our purpose is to sponsor scholarly and social activities to develop an appreciation for math. We encourage interest in all areas of mathematics for students in any major.
    President: Mary Jicha
  • MedServe: MedServe looks to serve the community of Lynchburg and beyond with a special focus on medical service opportunities. CSER opportunities available!
    President: David Johnson

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  • National Association for Music Educators (NAfME): We provide opportunities to learn from skilled music educators, music advocacy specialists, Praxis II exam study sessions, and hands-on opportunities to teach music education.
    President: Bradyn Taylor
  • National Collegiate Club Golf Association: We compete at golf tournaments against other public colleges nearby without being a part of the Division One schedule. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester!
    President: Micah Guevara
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS): We recognize high achieving underclassmen in all majors, provide opportunities for leadership development, and uphold the Association of College Honor Societies standards.
    President: Julio Santana
  • National Society of Leadership and Success: We are a national leadership honor society that provides a step-by-step program to build leadership skills and prepare members for their personal and professional lives.
    President: Victoria Raven
  • Network of Enlightened Women: We educate, equip, and empower women to be principled leaders for a free society. We send out weekly “NeWs” letters about on-campus events, and host a bi-weekly book club.
    President: Kiley Carter
  • Nexus: We mentor incoming students by providing resume workshops, campus activities, and academic success strategies so they can become familiar with campus life and can honor God.
    President: Landon Wilson
  • Nursing Student Association (Not Affiliated with SGA): LUNSA provides the opportunity for professional and interpersonal growth through leadership, philanthropy and service.
    Affiliated with School of Nursing

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  • Operation Christmas Child: Our mission is to support Samaritan’s Purse and OCC by hosting a yearly collection drive with thousands of shoeboxes full of toys for kids around the world to hear the gospel.
    President: Meghan Johns
  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship: Orthodox Christian Fellowship (or OCF) strives to be a loving presence of Christ and the Orthodox Christian Church on college campuses. Our meetings are open to all.
    President: Maximus Marlowe

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  • Philosophy Club: We provide a friendly atmosphere for philosophy enthusiasts to discuss and enjoy the art and skill of philosophy and Christian philosophy.
    President: Janae Joachin
  • Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society (Not Affiliated with SGA): Join the only honor society for college and university government students in the United States! We are also a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.
    Affiliated with Helms School of Government
  • POV Photography Club: We give students an opportunity to learn more about the growing field of photography in a purposeful manner, while pointing to God’s awesome glory and magnificent grace.
    President: Hannah Hamilton
  • Powerlifting Club: A group of guys and girls looking to train and get stronger together. We train together twice a week, and a few times a year there are optional competitive powerlifting competitions.
    President: Jack Townsend
  • Pre-Dental Club: We show students the dental profession and inform them on the requirements of dental school. We allow students interested in dentistry to share their passions and glorify God.
    President: Jason Porter
  • Pre-Law Society: We provide resources and networking to students interested in law. We host speakers and meet for LSAT info sessions, internship workshops, social events, and go on an annual D.C. trip.
    President: Rachel Auld
  • Pre-Medical Club and Honor Society: We prepare students for careers in medicine and the med school application process. We hear from physicians, med school admissions reps, med student panels, and professors.
    President: Christi Fertich & Shelby Jampole
  • Pre-OT Club: We provide resources and speakers for our members to learn about Occupational Therapy and hold events to prepare students for graduate school and their future in OT.
    President: Emily Link
  • Pre-Physical Therapy: We support students pursuing careers in physical therapy and PT school acceptance. We offer GRE tutoring, guest speakers, resume and PT school application workshops, and more.
    President: Heidi Bosch
  • Pre-Physician’s Assistant Club: We equip students seeking acceptance into Physician Assistant school through academic advice and professional networking in a Christ-centered community.
    President: Jenna Digirolamo
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club: Pre-Vet Club exists to create a community among students interested in veterinary medicine as a career and provide them with resources to help them in the application process.
    President: Adam Russell
  • Psi Chi Honor Society (Not Affiliated with SGA): We are LU’s chapter of the International Honor Society for Psychology.
    Affiliated with School of Behavioral Sciences: Psychology
  • Public Health Student Association: We promote health and wellness, ensure knowledge of career and academic matters related to public health, and develop Christ-centered relationships among students and faculty.
    President: Michala Geraty & Abigail Levering
  • Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA): We allow students in the communications, business, marketing, design, and PR fields to gain experience and knowledge in today’s media-reliant business world.
    President: Emma Strudthoff

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  • Ratio Christi (Apologetics Club): We are here to keep students strong in their faith so they can withstand the challenges they face as they go out into the world.
    President: William Flippo
  • Real Estate Club: We provide opportunities to learn about the real estate field and future careers. Guest speakers will teach members about the various careers within the real estate industry.
    President: Brandon Meeks
  • Reformed University Fellowship: We are a rest stop for tired Christians to rest in the good news of Christ without having to bring anything to the table! We are a safe place for skeptics; anyone is welcome.
    President: Julia Washburn
  • Renewable Energy (Not Affiliated with SGA): We are dedicated to educating students on the unique and interesting world of Renewable Energy Technologies, including Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and Kinetic energy generation.
    Affiliated with School of Engineering
  • Respiratory Therapy Student Association: We unite respiratory therapy students while giving back to our community. We have various projects planned to educate the LU and Lynchburg communities on respiratory care.
    President: Pierce Knepley
  • Robotics Club: A club dedicated to the electro-mechanical and electronics projects. Focuses are on subjects such as rapid prototyping (3D printing, CNC, etc.) and robotics.
    President: Caleb Summy

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  • Scientific Research Society: We present ongoing research at monthly meetings, review current scientific literature, and provide information about obtaining research positions at LU and other locations.
    President: Jack Gregory
  • SCUBA Club: To experience God’s creation on a deeper level by enhancing our SCUBA diving skills and encouraging others to do the same.
    President: Robert Baer
  • Serving Others Using Aviation Resources (SOAR): We expose aspiring aviators to the pilots’ mission field by providing paths for those pursuing missionary aviation and inviting speakers who served in the mission field.
    President: Anna McCauley
  • Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society (Not Affiliated with SGA): We are LU’s chapter of the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society. We honor students who demonstrate excellence in studying Spanish.
    Affiliated with College of Arts & Sciences: Department of Modern Languages
  • Sigma Delta Pi – Pi Chi Chapter (Not Affiliated with SGA): We are an honor society for students of business, management, and administration. The principles of the Society are wisdom, honor, and the pursuit of meaningful aspirations.
    Affiliated with School of Business
  • Sigma Tau Delta – Zeta Tau Chapter: We are LU’s chapter of the international English honors society, Sigma Tau Delta. We are dedicated to fostering literacy, community, and all aspects of the English discipline.
    President: Katherine Bechter
  • Social Work Club: We seek to bring unity within the social work department and the LYH community by serving and sharing the Gospel with service projects, fundraisers, and rallies.
    President: Teresa Tran
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM): Our purpose is to glorify God by providing our members with opportunities for professional development as they partner with national SHRM to promote the HR profession.
    President: William Ferguson
  • Society of Women Engineers: The Society of Women Engineers at Liberty seeks to connect, support, and provide community and resources for women in engineering.
    President: Christa Collins
  • Sports Analytics Club: We apply knowledge in math, stats, data analysis, etc., to sports by maximizing performance and decision-making. We offer practical experiences and promote LU athletic teams.
    President: Benjamin Marshall
  • Stand With Israel: We seek to strengthen the relationship between the US and Israel by involving students in politics. We have debates, guest speakers, petitions, and opportunities to lobby.
    Presidents: Talia Silver
  • Strategic Intelligence Society: We​ ​prepare​ ​students​ ​for​ the​ ​Intel​ ​Community​ by practicing analysis, employing tradecraft techniques, fostering relationships, and studying intel-related fields.​
    President: Caitlyn Weitzel
  • Student Alumni Association Club: We foster relationships with Champions for Christ through leadership opportunities, professional development, spirited events, etc. that enhance students’ and alumni’s lives.
    President: Sarah Rogan
  • Student Asset Management Fund (SAM Fund) (Not Affiliated with SGA): SAM Fund is a student-led asset management fund that integrates a Christian worldview with practical investment experience.​​
    Affiliated with School of Business
  • Student Association of Project Management: We give you the opportunity to further develop your personal and professional goals. SAPM is dedicated to glorifying God through the development of young project managers.
    President: Samuel Alvites
  • Students Against Trafficking: We seek to prevent and create awareness of exploitation and trafficking by teaching how to recognize and respond to signs of human trafficking and online exploitation.
    President: Abby Andrews
  • Students Behind Our Military: Our purpose is to show the love of Christ by raising awareness and showing appreciation and support to our past and present troops and loved ones throughout the world.
    President: Xavier Ward-Cardona
  • Student Veterans Association: Embracing the motto Servus Semper or Serve Always; our mission is to serve veterans within the community while fostering a culture of camaraderie & educational success.
    President: Logan Smith

T (Back to Top)

  • T3 (Time, Treasure, Talent): We equip LU’s financial planning majors spiritually, professionally, and intellectually as they pursue careers by hosting panel-style networking events and social gatherings.
    President: Emma VanGorder
  • TESL Club: We strive to develop TESL teachers and broaden, strengthen, and enrich the TESL community.
    President: Caroline Corry
  • Turning Point USA: We educate and train students on campus to promote freedom, free market, and limited government.
    President: Jaden Bennett
  • Type One Diabetes Student Association: We want to connect all LU students who live with Type One Diabetes and establish a community of people ready to assist and support each other should the need arise.
    President: Manuel Guzman

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  • Ultrarunning Club: We help runners train for and race ultra-marathon distance events by emphasizing proper fitness techniques, using ministry outreach as runners, and scheduled trail clean-ups.
    President: Emma Schmideler
  • Unify Korea: We are a branch of North Korea Peace Initiative whose goal is to see North and South Korea united. We promote reunification through education, prayer, and mobilization.
    President: James Genaro
  • Urban Education Club: We help SOE students experience the teaching challenges in low-income communities. Our goal is for more candidates to pursue careers in urban areas to raise teacher retention.
    President: Bethany Peterson & Madelyn Junker

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  • VisionPoint Club: We train and network local pastors globally. We help young men discern and exercise their pastoral calling and display this calling to LU through lives of exemplary service.
    President: Luke Sprouse
  • Visual & Illustrative Development Association: We help Christian creatives learn and perfect their craft of illustration and visual development to glorify God and to build confidence in the creative industry.
    President: Benn Pattera

W (Back to Top)

  • Women in Aviation: We encourage the promotion of women in the male-dominated industry and help them in the aviation field to spread God’s word and guide the next generation of aviators to Him.
    President: Emily Guajardo
  • Women in Business: We help business students welcome other leaders’ ideas, advance women’s role in the workplace, and grow closer to Christ through speakers, networking, and social events.
    President: Zoe Egly
  • Women in STEM: We provide a space for female students and faculty in STEM to encourage one another by fostering mentorship relationships, hosting speakers, and community service activities.
    President: Esther Kamara
  • Women’s Weight Training: We offer community for women who enjoy weight training as well as a multitude of educational resources focused on health and weight training for beginners to advanced lifters.
    President: Cassandra Murchie

Y (Back to Top)

  • Young Americans for Freedom: The Conservative Movement starts here! Join young activists looking to create lasting freedom principles on campus.
    President: Jordan Janson
  • YoungLife: We introduce teens to Jesus and lead them in their faith. Building relationships with teens is central. We train students in this outreach and encourage them in community.
    President: Alejandro Quintana
  • Young Women for America: We lead Christian, conservative women to promote Biblical and conservative principles in our community. We aim to magnify voices, lead a movement, and impact the culture.
    President: Kennedy Bolton

Z (Back to Top)

  • Zeta Chi International Honorary Art Fraternity: We meet to study, build community, and help students use their artistic interests and influence to support the highest ideals of liberal arts education.
    President: Hannah Richards
  • Zumba Club: We provide a space for students to learn Zumba fitness® as an exercise alternative and an opportunity for consistent fellowship and so they can teach others in the future.
    President: Ariella Hamilton

For more information about clubs, inquiries about SGA policies, additional club forms, etc., please contact the Clubs Staff.

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