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Our Homeschool Student College Admission Process

Are you excited to transition from being a homeschool student to a residential college student? We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

Below you will find information about Liberty University’s admission requirements, including unique aspects of our homeschool college admission process.

Before reviewing Liberty University’s requirements for admission, check out these additional resources to find out what all Liberty has to offer:

Liberty Homeschool

Every year, Liberty welcomes homeschoolers from around the world into its student body. Our college requirements for homeschoolers are the same as those for students attending public or private school. You’ll just need to follow some unique guidelines for submitting transcripts and other documentation.

As a regionally accredited university, Liberty is committed to offering a world-class education — and to helping students of all backgrounds thrive in college and beyond. If you’re looking to make the transition from homeschool to Liberty University, we can help you through the process. From scholarships to dual enrollment, we offer homeschoolers the same great opportunities and college experience as the rest of our students.

We are excited to have you join the Liberty family. Apply today and train to become a Champion for Christ in your workplace, your community, and the world.

Liberty University’s Application Requirements for Homeschoolers

When applying as a homeschooler, you’ll follow the same admission steps as students attending traditional high school. Additionally, Liberty has specific requirements for the documentation you need to submit as a homeschool student.

If you have any questions after reviewing the steps below, please contact an admissions counselor at (800) 543-5317 for more information about Liberty’s college admissions for homeschool students.

Liberty’s Homeschool Student Admission Requirements

Homeschool Addendum

Other Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can homeschool students apply for financial aid?

Yes! As a homeschool student, you can qualify for the same grants, loans, work-study funding, and institutional scholarships as public and private school students. Check out our financial aid page for more information about financing your degree.

Does Liberty University have a GPA requirement for homeschoolers?

Liberty does not have a minimum GPA requirement for admission. However, our accepted students usually have a high school GPA of 3.15-3.83. We encourage you to aim for a GPA within this range to increase your chances of being admitted.

What are Liberty University’s SAT requirements for homeschoolers?

Can homeschool students take dual enrollment classes at Liberty?

Yes! If you haven’t earned a high school diploma or GED yet, you can take early or dual enrollment courses at Liberty. For additional details, please visit our special student page.

Does Liberty offer scholarships to homeschoolers?

Liberty offers a wide range of institutional scholarships, both need-based and merit-based — and these scholarships are available to all students, including homeschoolers!

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