CORE is an integrated competency management system designed to accommodate multiple programs. It seamlessly integrates with Canvas, providing students with a user-friendly experience. CORE offers flexible and robust curricular mapping, which allows instructors to align competencies with the curriculum, accreditation standards, and institutional standards. With CORE, instructors have access to reports that provide insights into student performance and progress, enabling them to provide targeted feedback and support.

CORE is a one-time purchase. CAUTION: THIS ITEM IS NOT RETURNABLE AFTER PURCHASE. If you have previously purchased this membership for another course or sub-term, there is no need to purchase this again.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions assisting you with accessing the CORE product. IMPORTANT: It can take 2-5 days for your membership to be activated, so please do not delay in purchasing this product, as it may interfere with timely assignment submissions.

Students will submit the identified assignments to CORE (CompMS) directly through Canvas; logging in will not be required. For field experience and hours tracking, students and instructors can login to CORE (ELMS) automatically through this SSO link:





If you are having issues with CORE – CompMS please use the below contact information:

To contact CORE directly (recommended for students and faculty):

To contact your school’s CORE Team:

To contact the Liberty IT HelpDesk: