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Quiz Bowl Team

Quiz Bowl has been called the “varsity sport of the mind.” Teams play games consisting of two 10-minute halves by answering a variety of questions on literature, history, geography, government, the sciences, math, art, popular culture, and sports.

Liberty’s Quiz Bowl team competed in the Big South Conference 2006-2018, winning the conference tournament 11 out of 13 years: 2006-2008, 2010-2013, and 2015-2018. Liberty went undefeated in conference from 2010-2013 and 2015-2018.

Our 2021-2022 teams competed in 5 tournaments: at the University of Virginia (twice), Virginia Tech, the University of North Carolina, and Duke. Presented here are the team’s victories at each venue.

Join the Team

Dr. Jim Nutter, the coach of our Quiz Bowl team, is always searching for new players, so if you have a quick mind and wide base of knowledge, please contact him for a tryout. Practices and scrimmages are 90 minutes long and are held in a conference room near the Honors Office on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

For more information, please email the coach, Dr. Jim Nutter, at jhnutter@liberty.edu.

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Team Stats

30 Wins, 2021-2022

ACF Fall (Oct. 16 @ Duke)

  • Liberty 255, James Madison 130
  • Liberty 265, NC State 140
  • Liberty 265, James Madison 155
  • Liberty 275, VA Tech 190
  • Liberty 260, South Carolina 200

Penn Bowl (Oct. 30 @ VA Tech)

  • Liberty 210, UVa 145
  • Liberty 230, ETSU 30
  • Liberty 190, ETSU 170
  • Liberty 145, UVa 90
  • Liberty over ETSU (forfeit)

ACF Winter (Nov. 6 @ UVa)

  • Liberty 170, James Madison 60
  • Liberty 260, UNC 35
  • Liberty 210, Georgetown 135
  • Liberty 205, James Madison 185
  • Liberty 200, James Madison 70

ACF Regionals (Jan. 29 @ UNC)

  • Liberty 205, South Carolina 195
  • Liberty 155, Duke 110
  • Liberty 240, UNC 165
  • Liberty 190, UVa 180
  • Liberty 115, South Carolina 95

NAQT Sectionals (Feb. 5 @ UVa)

  • Liberty 475, Virginia Commonwealth 130
  • Liberty 440, George Washington 90
  • Liberty 310, Carnegie Mellon 275
  • Liberty 385, UNC 115
  • Liberty 300, UNC 155
  • Liberty 195, Maryland 190
  • Liberty 270, George Washington 245
  • Liberty 230, Carnegie Mellon 160
  • Liberty 170, George Washington 135
  • Liberty 180, Virginia Commonwealth 90

Past Teams

2022: 30 Wins at Five Tournaments

Kenny Powell, Aleah Schrock, Reagan Nelson (captain), Perry O’Connor, and Aidan Jones before participating in a scrimmage.

The teams scored 30 wins this year, including 4 wins over UNC, 3 wins over UVa, South Carolina, and George Washington, 2 wins over James Madison, Virginia Commonwealth, George Washington, and single wins over Duke, Maryland, Georgetown, NC State, and Virginia Tech.

2021: Ranked 29th in the Country at the NAQT National Tournament

Luke Hancock, Natalie Hathcote, Lillianna Wright (captain), Miranda Boljat, and Tanner Baldridge before competing at the 2021 NAQT National Tournament, hosted virtually.

2020: Natalie Hathcote on College Jeopardy!

18,000 college students took the online test, 250 of those students had in-person auditions, and finally only 15 students were chosen.

Even though team competitions were cancelled Spring 2020, Varsity Player Natalie Hathcote represented Liberty well for an audience of millions.

18-2019: Third Place Win at the Early Fall Tournament

Micah Protzman, Nathan Cook (captain), Natalie Hathcote, and Miranda Boljat, after a third place win at the 2018 Early Fall Tournament, hosted by Virginia Tech.

2018: Undefeated Big South Conference Champions, 4-0

Leah DePiero, Mark Whitten (captain), Parker Williams, Nathan Cook, and Kristian Myrdal, after the team’s victory at the 2018 Big South Conference, hosted by High Point University.

2017: Undefeated Big South Conference Champions, 4-0

Dr. Nutter (coach), Leah DePiero, Mark Whitten (captain), Kristian Myrdal, Nathan Cook, Micah Protzman, and Whitney Logan (assistant coach) after the team’s victory at the 2017 Big South Conference, hosted at Radford University.

2016: Undefeated Big South Conference Champions, 4-0

Leah DePiero, Mark Whitten, Kristian Myrdal, Tim Magee, Mikah Sauskojus (captain), and Dr. Jim Nutter (coach) after the team’s victory at the 2016 Big South Conference, hosted here at Liberty University.

2015: And Undefeated Big South Conference Champions, 7-0

Jake Rogers (assistant coach), Greta Hanks, Mikah Sauskojus, Doug Stephens, Jon Bateman, Kaity Shondelmyer (captain), and Dr. Jim Nutter (coach). This was our second national tournament, and we won 4 games at the University of Michigan.

Ranked 14th in the Country at the ACF National Tournament.

2014: Ranked 20th in the Country at the NAQT National Tournament

Jake Rogers (assistant coach), Catherine Hardee, Doug Stephens, Jon Bateman, Greta Hanks, Kaity Shondelmyer (captain), and Dr. Jim Nutter (coach). This was our first national tournament, and we won 5 games in Chicago.

2013: Undefeated Big South Conference Champions (6-0)

Jake Rogers (captain), Kaity Shondelmyer, Jon Bateman, Dr. Jim Nutter (coach), Greta Hanks, & Doug Stephens

2012: Undefeated Big South Conference Champions (6-0)

Kaity Shondelmyer, Andrea Teachout, Dr. Jim Nutter, Corbin Payne, Catherine Hardee, & Jake Rogers (captain)

2011: Undefeated South Conference Champions (5-0)

Jake Rogers, Catherine Hardee, Corbin Payne (captain), Dr. Jim Nutter (coach), Andrea Teachout, &  Lillian Otieno

2010: Big South Conference Champions (5-1)

Front Row: Jake Rogers, Eddie Brown (captain), Tyler Flynn, & Jerry Falwell, Jr. (President) Back Row: Dr. Jim Nutter (coach), Corbin Payne, & Jeremy Peterson

2009: Placed Third in the Big South Conference

Front Row: Sarah Goin, Eddie Brown, & Sara Davis-Leonard Back Row: Corbin Paine, Dr. Jim Nutter (coach), &  Zach Curtis (captain)

2008: Big South Conference Champions (5-2)

Sara Davis-Leonard, Dr. Emily Heady, Robbie Mullis, Kelly Hamren (captain), Zach Curtis, & Dr. Jim Nutter

2007: Big South Conference Champions (6-1)

Nick Orta, Clay Finley, Zach Curtis, Zach Smith, & Dallas Shipp (captain)

2006: Undefeated Big South Conference Champions (8-0)

Zach Smith, Clay Finley, Zach Curtis, Brad Salois (captain), &  Dallas Shipp

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