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In these various blogs I’ve written a lot about numbers, about the many current students we have and the millions of children that we reach by our students in the School of Education. But today, I want to do something different. I want to give a mental picture of ONE student. I could choose so many... after all... all of my students are my “sole favorite student”. :) But today I’m going to chose Amanda Kruppenbacher who received her BS in Special Education last year. One reason I picked her is because she is looking for support to go to Jinja, Uganda where she will be working along the missionaries at Good Shepherds Fold (see how you can support her at the end of this blog).

Another reason I picked Amanda is because she recently reminded me of how I am always so humbled by our students in watching them dedicate their lives to God through their studies and career. Personally and comparatively, I have it so easy. I get to teach them and then they go out into the trenches and the front lines.

A couple of weeks ago, I was working on our house plans as we are building a house... trying to decide the “extras” (hard wood floors, screened porch, upgraded kitchen, etc). And then Amanda rattles “my world” a little with an email of the dire needs at this orphanage for children with disabilities... It isn’t enough that they don’t have families, and they are only surviving because of the missionaries that dedicate their lives to taking care of these children. But there are also SO MANY needs. There is a small child that is wheel chair bound but in an adult wheel chair because that is all that is available. They need a hut to have a place to work with these children to improve their life skills. They have no basic special education equipment for the various therapies that are needed. Children that are unable to communicate, but may be able to if they had the correct therapy and tools to help them do so. So, I read her email after looking at my house plans just thinking - "A wheel chair or granite counter tops?!?!" (btw, Amanda found a child’s wheel chair that we are not quite sure how to ship to a third world country.. any ideas out there?). So another day, I need to focus on when our spiritual and earthly worlds collide. But today, I just want to say GO AMANDA!! Thank you for what you've already taught me about God's provisions in my life.  I pray God uses you in mighty ways for these children and the missionaries' children you will teach.  And I also pray that the community in which you will live will be dramatically impacted by seeing God’s hands at work with “the least of these”.

Just ONE student...

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