Traveling Ramblings...

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I’m writing this one on the road. So, if this one is confusing, it's because I am tired.  :)   I’m actually at an airport in Memphis. I just left a beautiful island in Galveston where I spoke at an ACSI Conference (Association of Christian Schools International) and I’m somewhat stranded from home where there’s been a huge winter storm. So they are rerouting me all over the place. Next stop… Atlanta, and then Lynchburg (hopefully before the night is over).

If it wasn’t for having to leave the kids, I would really enjoy the occasional trips I make. It is just a great time to unplug from the routine of life and reflect on my challenges and blessings.  I always try to make a point to do something special on these trips, even if it is small, like tasting the local food :), which is actually one of my favorite things to do. But lately I’ve been a little grander in my adventures. Last night I spent four hours at a Spa since I was staying at a Spa hotel. It was heavenly. I left feeling such a sense of peace leaving the Spa. And a sense of joy that God allows me so many opportunities to just enjoy life.

So as I travel, I also really enjoy watching people. I find myself feeling very small when I travel, wondering how I think that God cares about me in the midst of so many people, problems, pain, etc. But somehow he must, because he blesses beyond measure. But as I watch people, I mostly find myself wondering if God thinks we’re funny or pitiful. I think I’ll go with funny… God thinks us funny. .. I’d tell the many travel stories. But I think I’ll just keep those smiles to myself.