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Our Identity Is in Our People

It’s been said that your people are your brand.

Since 1971, the Liberty University community has been made up of people who embody the mission of Training Champions for Christ.

In the ‘70s, when the single building used for classes was scheduled for demolition, faculty, staff, and students came together to pray. They stood out in the snow for two hours asking God to give them a campus they could call home.

In the ‘80s, when finances were so tight payroll couldn’t be met, faculty and staff continued to work — without paychecks — because investing in their students was more important to them than being comfortable.

Tough. Committed. Sold out to training and becoming top-notch professionals who represent excellence, integrity, and the hope of Christ wherever they go.

These — and thousands like them — are the brand of Liberty University. They believe that “If it’s Christian, it ought to be better,” and are willing to do what it takes to build something bigger than themselves.

Transformed lives, like the transformed campus born out of prayers in the snow, are the hallmark of the Liberty experience.

Get to know some of these Champions for Christ, and imagine how God could transform your life here at Liberty.

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Who could you meet while you’re here?*

Rosemary Shakro, Student Advocate Office

“Rosemary is the first one you will meet when coming to the Student Advocate Office, and when you do, you will not soon forget her. She is sweet, kind, and exceptionally caring. She makes all visitors feel like they are the only one in the world, and they are loved and cared for. Her godly sweet spirit is authentic and she loves the Lord with all of her heart.”

Grant A., Resident Assistant (student)

“Grant is my R.A., but even more so, my friend and role model. Grant is kind, fun, and makes you feel at home even when home is over five hours away. He has spoken truth in my life and helped show me how a man of God can handle immense struggles in life. Grant has continually pointed people to Jesus and been open and honest about where he is at. His vulnerability and love have made him a strong older brother figure in my life, and I appreciate him immensely.”

Carol Harvey, School of Nursing

“Mrs. Harvey has gone above and beyond to serve the students in the nursing department. She is selfless and incredibly diligent in all that she does. Her servant’s towel is always bigger than her ego — not only for the students at Liberty, but also for her patients in the hospital.”

“Bus Driver Rick” Richard Edwards, Transportation

“He’s the most cheerful worker I’ve ever met. He always remembers a face. He always takes the time to encourage everyone on the bus with Bible verses. His wisdom and kindness are unlike any I have seen. He truly is a servant of God and serves others in any way he can.”

Elisabeth R., Student

“Liz is my community group leader — I feel like I can tell her anything. She’s already counseled me so much through some tough times. Liz has also displayed an amazing prayer life, and it has encouraged me to spend more time in conversation with the Lord.”

Jesse Castro, Wrestling coach

“To Jesse, wrestling is merely a tool he uses to glorify God and demonstrate his personal walk with Christ. He is building young men who also happen to be championship wrestlers. He values excellence because he believes it honors Christ. He never waivers from this belief, and when challenges arise — and they do — he leads by example and dares his athletes to follow.”

Carla Lentz-Bales, Data Analyst, Analytics and Support

“Carla consistently goes well beyond the call of duty to assist others with patience, kindness, and care. She is always thinking of others, never complains, keeps a positive attitude, and generally exemplifies Christ in the way she lives out the mission of Liberty every single day.”

Holly M., Student

“Holly is a woman after God’s heart. She is intentional and compassionate. She quickly showed that she was genuine in her desire to know everyone and be their friend. More than anything, she is real. She does not disguise her struggles and troubles — rather she uses them to be vulnerable on the deepest level.”

Dr. Michael Korn, Dept. of Biology & Chemistry

“Dr. Korn has a heart for missions and educates his students on what’s going on in the world. He constantly prays for other countries and God’s hand on the people there. His passion is teaching young people science — but even more, to be the best we can be as followers of Christ. One day, one of his students said he couldn’t afford groceries. Dr. Korn pulled money out and gave it to him and told him to buy groceries. He is the image of a man pursuing God’s plan for his life, displaying pure joy while doing it.”

Coach Karyl Wiese, Women’s Lacrosse

“She never fails to make us better. If she isn’t constantly pushing our abilities and strength on the field and in the weight room, she is encouraging us and holding us to a high expectation that she knows we can rise to. She sends us emails of encouragement and holds us accountable to who we are called to be in Christ and to each other as sisters in Christ.”

Josh H., Resident Shepherd (student)

“Josh is the example of an everyday Christian. He shows love and compassion to those near him and to those who he meets on the way to work. As a Resident Shepherd, he is active on his hall in a positive way, letting others know they have someone to talk to who cares about them. Josh shows what it means to live and love like Jesus.”

Molly M., Student

“Through both good times and bad, Molly looks to the Lord for strength and guidance. She does not hesitate to lean on Him and draw near to His presence. She has spoken so much wisdom into my life over the last year and a half, and I am so thankful for the ways that the Lord has used her. She radiates Jesus, and it is evident that she champions each day for the glory of the Lord.”

Dr. Richard Brown, Rawlings School of Divinity

“Dr. Brown is a professor who loves his students. That is something you see immediately — his love and passion. He has poured into many students and has been a tremendous model of what I want to be after I graduate.”

Rebecca T., Student

“She has the most genuine heart for the Lord and serves the girls on the hall very passionately. She cares for each girl individually and serves them sacrificially. The joy of the Lord radiates out of her. God has drastically transformed her life, and she is very passionate about telling others about it.”

Dr. Stacy Taylor, School of Nursing

“Dr. Taylor has been an encouragement to me when I’ve felt like giving up in nursing school. She makes every student feel like they are special and cared for.”

Joshua G., student

“Josh is a blessing in the life of everyone he meets. He has shown Christ in every part of his life, from his school work to serving others. Josh has a true heart for Christ and is the best this university has to offer.”

Mr. Ron Taylor, School of Aeronautics

“I have been seriously challenged in my Christian walk by this man to be the man of integrity God calls us to be. His testimony and his love for God is absolutely incredible! Mr. Taylor served our country in Desert Storm and Desert Shield and is now Training Champions for Christ at the LU School of Aviation in the Aviation Maintenance Program where integrity is of utmost importance. What an example he is to the men and women under his instruction!”

Dr. Janet Brown, Dept. of Psychology

“Dr. Brown exemplifies the qualities of a Champion in her selfless ministry to others, her open vulnerability to share her inspiring testimony, and her humility in giving all glory to the Lord for her tremendous accomplishments.”

Daniel Price, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

“Daniel is always patient when people have questions, and he always brings the conversation back to a biblical principle. He has been a positive role model for me. Daniel strives to help make his employees better not only in a professional sense, but also spiritually.”

Dr. Rick Rasberry, Rawlings School of Divinity

“I have seen him go out of his way countless times to help myself, our faculty, and our students. He is available and kind. He genuinely cares about the lives and hearts of those he works with. He faithfully prays for me and my family’s needs, and I couldn’t imagine working for a better boss.”

*Students, faculty, and staff were asked who they thought best represented Liberty’s mission of Training Champions for Christ. Over 1,700 responses flooded in. These are just a few of them. 


Our accomplished faculty could teach anywhere, but they choose Liberty — not because of the world-class facilities or cutting-edge tools they’re given to teach with, but because they know an education that excludes God is incomplete.

And if you ask any one of them, they’ll tell you that teaching at Liberty is not their job — it’s their ministry. 

Professor Cindy Drohn, School of Nursing

Who We Are - Cindy Drohn

Dr. Roger Mackey, Eagle Scholars

Who We Are -Roger Mackey

LUCOM Joseph Gigliotti“Liberty has been a haven for me. I can be who I am in terms of a Christian. I’m with likeminded individuals who have the same appreciation for how we understand science and how God has done things, rather than using science as a replacement for God.

We truly believe that we’re serving God by serving these students, so it gives us extra motivation to perform our jobs well. We’re supporting the growth of our students who will go out and make a tremendous difference in the community as physicians.”

— Dr. Joseph Gigliotti, Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine Assistant Professor of Physiology 

While Liberty is a teaching university (all professors teach students in the classroom), faculty continue to make valuable contributions to fields like philosophy, literature, DNA analysis, geology, archaeology, and medicine.

“Calculus professor Dr. Daniel Joseph is truly a Champion for Christ. He has the greatest passion for God and for us that I’ve encountered.

For me, coming from a public high school and having a professor with such love for God is just so amazing. He showed me how to be a Champion for Christ in a profession or subject that isn’t technically related to God at all. As a future engineer, I’ve been inspired to be an engineer for Christ and demonstrate my love for Jesus even while working in a math/science-heavy profession.”

—Stacey H., student

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Innovators. Dreamers. Leaders. Liberty students believe their individual voices can make a difference — and they don’t wait until after graduation to speak up.

They may be athletes, artists, or activists, and they may hail from all 50 states and more than 70 countries — but when they’re here, they’re one amazing family.

Andrea Y.

Andrea Young2

Sarah B.

Sarah B

Derek & Esther

Derek And Esther Who We Are


Who We Are International Students Vid

Evangeline C.

Who We Are - Evangeline Crist

Sonia G.

Who We Are - Sonia Gwaneza

Hendricks Brothers

Hendricks Brothers Who We Are

Koa T.

Who We Are - Koa Thompson

Alexandria C.

Who We Are - Alexandria Curtis

Brody H.

Who We Are - Brody Hicks

Victoria B.

Who We Are - Victoria Baptista

Anna Nokes“I vow to not see people as a project, but as a daughter or son of the King of Kings who deserves an advocate, a supporter, and a safe place to be real and vulnerable. During my time at Liberty, I have learned that we all need a helping hand and someone to help us find our voice. I am a firm believer that because I am open about my own brokenness, others feel they have a safe place to be broken.

 Someone was my somebody and because of that, I am able to be someone else’s somebody.”

—Anna Nokes, B.S. in Social Work

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Going to a Christian school doesn’t mean that life after college will automatically be easy. For many students, time at Liberty teaches them grit, grace, and unwavering trust in the Lord — no matter what challenges or successes find them afterward. The waves these alumni are making continue to ripple far beyond Lynchburg, Va. 

Brandon Fleming

Who We Are - Brandon Fleming

Samantha Ponder

Who We Are - Samantha Ponder

Rashad Jennings

Who We Are Rashad Jennings

Jeri Porter

Who We Are - Jeri Porter

John Lunsford

Who We Are - John Lunsford

Puerto Rico Lacrosse

Who We Are - Puerto Rico Lacrosse

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