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Our Identity Is in Our People

It’s been said that your people are your brand.

Since 1971, the Liberty University community has been made up of people who embody the mission of Training Champions for Christ.

In the ‘70s, when the single building used for classes was scheduled for demolition, faculty, staff, and students came together to pray. They stood out in the snow for two hours asking God to give them a campus they could call home.

In the ‘80s, when finances were so tight payroll couldn’t be met, faculty and staff continued to work — without paychecks — because investing in their students was more important to them than being comfortable.

Tough. Committed. Sold out to training and becoming top-notch professionals who represent excellence, integrity, and the hope of Christ wherever they go.

These — and thousands like them — are the brand of Liberty University. They believe that “If it’s Christian, it ought to be better,” and are willing to do what it takes to build something bigger than themselves.

Transformed lives, like the transformed campus born out of prayers in the snow, are the hallmark of the Liberty experience.

Get to know some of these Champions for Christ, and imagine how God could transform your life here at Liberty.

Defining Moments

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Our accomplished faculty could teach anywhere, but they choose Liberty — not because of the world-class facilities or cutting-edge tools they’re given to teach with, but because they know an education that excludes God is incomplete.

And if you ask any one of them, they’ll tell you that teaching at Liberty is not their job — it’s their ministry. 

Professor Cindy Drohn, School of Nursing

Who We Are - Cindy Drohn

Dr. Roger Mackey, Eagle Scholars

Who We Are -Roger Mackey

LUCOM Joseph Gigliotti“Liberty has been a haven for me. I can be who I am in terms of a Christian. I’m with likeminded individuals who have the same appreciation for how we understand science and how God has done things, rather than using science as a replacement for God.

We truly believe that we’re serving God by serving these students, so it gives us extra motivation to perform our jobs well. We’re supporting the growth of our students who will go out and make a tremendous difference in the community as physicians.”

— Dr. Joseph Gigliotti, Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine Assistant Professor of Physiology 


Innovators. Dreamers. Leaders. Liberty students believe their individual voices can make a difference — and they don’t wait until after graduation to speak up.

They may be athletes, artists, or activists — but when they’re here, they’re one amazing family.

Andrea Y.

Andrea Young2

Sarah B.

Sarah B

Derek & Esther

Derek And Esther Who We Are

Ashley S.

Ashley Singleton

Christian L.

Christian Lasval

Hendricks Brothers

Hendricks Brothers Who We Are

International Students

With students from all 50 states and over 70 nations around the world, Liberty is a crossroads for individuals with differing points of view and life experiences.

Here you’ll meet peers whose backgrounds, interests, and ideas align with and diverge from your own.

We learn from one another.

And we serve one another as we serve God.

Who We Are - Sonia Gwaneza

Meet one of Liberty’s international students.


Going to a Christian school doesn’t mean that life after college will automatically be easy. For many students, time at Liberty teaches them grit, grace, and unwavering trust in the Lord — no matter what challenges or successes find them afterward. The waves these alumni are making continue to ripple far beyond Lynchburg, Va. 

Brandon Fleming

Who We Are - Brandon Fleming

Samantha Ponder

Who We Are - Samantha Ponder

Rashad Jennings

Who We Are Rashad Jennings

Jeri Porter

Who We Are Jeri Porter

Brandon Apon

Brandon Apon

Alumni Mash-up

Alumni Mashup

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