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You’ve worked hard to get to where you are from spending Friday nights finishing another AP assignment instead of going out with friends, to taking a full load of classes each and every year. These are just some of the sacrifices you have made. You deserve to be proud of all you’ve done and where it’s led you. And at Liberty, your hard work pays off.

Depending on your academic goals, you can pursue our Honors Program or our Eagle Scholars Program. Both of these prestigious programs allow you to register for classes early – giving you a leg up on getting the classes and professors you want!

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Liberty’s Honors Program

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People Who are as Passionate about Academic Achievement as You!

Join a community of students who are serious about their education.

Our Honors alumni include a five-time Jeopardy champion, an NFL football player, an MLB-drafted Academic All-American, the first female student government president, the Big South Player of the Year in women’s soccer, and nationally-ranked debaters and Quiz Bowl players.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive in the Honors Program include:

  • Priority early registration for classes
  • Smaller and more challenging classes with a student to professor ratio of 15:1
  • $4,000 scholarship for each year that you are an honors student

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Competitive Acceptance
SAT and ACT Scores

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What Does Being a Liberty Honors Student Look Like?


Honors students who enter as freshmen will need to take 8 Honors seminars within their first 2 years.

The Honors seminars are 100-200 level, discussion-driven classes that fit into your Gen Ed requirements and have a much smaller student to professor ratio (15:1).

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Once you’ve completed your lower-level Honors seminars, you’ll take 3 upper-level Honors petition courses in your major.

A petition course is an opportunity for you to study more deeply via a learning contract that is agreed upon between you and your professor.

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The Senior Honors Thesis is the capstone project that seniors complete after 2 to 3 years of advanced study.

The purpose of this course (HONR 495) is to give you an opportunity to research a topic of your choice under the guidance of a committee of 3 senior faculty members and the Honors director.

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Eagle Scholars Program

Develop Professionalism You Can Take Anywhere

The Eagle Scholars Program provides high-achieving freshmen and sophomores, regardless of major, personal and professional development that cultivates leadership skills for college and beyond. Students build community as they work together through experiential curricula.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive in this program include:

  • Priority early registration for classes
  • Personal development to prepare you for university leadership opportunities
  • Professional development training to increase the likelihood of internships and employment
  • Preferred Housing choice on the eighth floor of Commons 2. Students enjoy sharing this Hall with other Eagle Scholars. This promotes connecting with others and encouragement for academic achievement
  • Attend exclusive events, retreats, volunteer outreach and trips

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What Does Being an Eagle Scholar Look Like?


Connecting with Others

  • Team-building retreat at Hydaway Outdoor Center
  • Social Connection Event designed to meet other Program students and faculty
  • Christmas Celebration


  • Spring Eagle Games (competition and fun with freshmen classmates)
  • Special Individualized Projects
  • End of Spring Celebration

Leading Others

  • Sophomore hosted welcome events for new students
  • Habitat for Humanity build in Altavista, Va
  • First Year Experience project

Changing Culture

  • Ministry capstone projects and trips with faculty guidance
  • Group presentation research and filming based on relevant topics
  • End of Spring Celebration to honor the sophomores’ completion of the Program

FAQs for the Honors Program

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What if I’m already an LU student or I’m transferring in?
What if I have a National Merit Scholarship?

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