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Considering Cost

Knowing up-front what you’re paying for and why can go a long way toward making you feel comfortable about your investment. This overview of major college costs can give you an idea of what’s coming so you can create an accurate budget from the start.

At Liberty, we won’t surprise you with hidden fees, and we’ll clearly explain why the fees you will pay are important.

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At Liberty, your tuition will cover everything you’d expect from a competitive academic institution: faculty, lectures, tutors, study spaces, support services, IT support, state-of-the-art facilities, use of the library, etc. Anything that is academically related but not degree-specific is covered by your tuition.

Did You Know? Liberty’s tuition is among the lowest of top private universities in the nation — and tuition rates have been frozen for the 2019-20 academic year.

Room And Board

Room and Board

Room and board costs cover dorms and dining. At Liberty, you have the freedom to choose which living space and dining plan work best for you, so costs are variable, depending on your choice.

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Did You Know? Liberty was ranked as one of 2019’s Top 5 college campuses and Top 10 best dorms in the country by Niche also ranked Liberty among the Top 5 Best Dining Halls in the nation for the last three years. 



Liberty’s campus is transitioning into a green, walking campus, and the best way to get from class to class is to take one of our buses — free of charge. Need to run errands off campus?

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Did You Know? Liberty helps reduce pollution by partnering with the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC), the first transit system in Virginia to utilize electric-diesel hybrids.

Book Costs


While learning resources are not optional, more and more books and other materials are available in digital formats — which can reduce book costs drastically. At Liberty, many departments now offer Inclusive Access, a service that provides all course materials electronically.

Did You Know? You can qualify for up to $600 in Book Dollars for your first semester, depending on how early you complete Financial Check-In (FCI).

Liberty’s 2019-20 Costs


  • Dining plans: $3,780 – $4,180
  • Books: approx. $700 (or less)
  • Auto Registration Fee (Optional): $285 (max)
  • Student Health Fee: $340
  • Course Fees: Vary per program


  • Tuition: $23,800*
  • Housing: $4,600 – $7,500 per year
  • Activity/Student Center Fee: $770


  • Master’s tuition: $585/credit hour*
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice tuition: $635/credit hour
  • School of Law: $30,662-$35,712
  • College of Medicine: $47,000
  • Activity/Student Center Fee: $285/semester*

*Some programs may have additional costs, fees, or discounts.

On-Campus Fees

Activity Fee
Student Health Fee
Course Fees
Miscellaneous Fees

Liberty’s activity fee not only covers a gym membership to the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center, but it also provides access to more than 100 Student Activities events per year, skiing and snowboarding lessons and equipment at Snowflex, our year-round ski slope; mountain bikes, canoes, kayaks, and camping equipment at Hydaway Recreation Center; and entrance to many of Liberty’s exciting athletic events. And that’s just the beginning…

Did You Know? Liberty is home to over 100 student-led clubs, 20 NCAA Division 1 sports, and over 40 Club Sports, including rock climbing, fencing, and paintball.

Tuition And Fees Vid


It’s hard being sick when you’re away from home. To make it a little easier, our Student Health Center is centrally located on campus. Treatment in our medical clinic, women’s clinic, and allergy and immunization clinic is covered by the health fee — so are X-rays and routine lab work. Crisis, recovery, and group counseling services (and more) are also available to students through the Dean of Students office.

Did You Know? Medical prescriptions can now be delivered directly to your dorm.

Student Health Fee

Course Fees

You can’t fly a plane without paying for fuel. Or do graphic design without rights to the software. Or shoot a film without a camera. Some degree programs require material or special licensing fees to cover the tools necessary for learning the profession. Giving you access to industry-standard equipment and hands-on learning is just one of the ways Liberty prepares you for success in the “real world.” Find out more about your course-specific fees here.

Did you Know? Cinematic Arts students use “Red” cameras in their classes — the type Peter Jackson used to shoot “The Lord of the Rings.”

Other fees that you may see as a student include the following:

  • Late FCI fee ($125)
  • Payment plan participation fee ($50)
  • Replacement ID fee ($25)
  • Failed payment processing fee ($35)
  • Graduation application fee ($100)
  • Withdrawal fee ($50)
  • Optional testing fees: CLEP ($135), ICE ($130)