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3 Ways to Visit Graduate School

Grad TourLU PicGraduate TourLU

Get a quick 2-hour tour of campus in this high-level overview.

Grad School PreviewGraduate School Preview

Join this all-day event touring campus, connecting with current graduate students, and meeting one-on-one with faculty and staff. 

Graduate Virtual VisitsGraduate Virtual Visits

Don’t have time to come out for a visit? Visit virtually and learn about the enrollment process.

Graduate TourLU

Graduate School Campus Tour

What: A high-level overview of all that Liberty has to offer with a 2-hour tour of our campus. Your Graduate School Campus Tour includes campus highlights, such as our main Academic Commons, Jerry Falwell Library, and student community spaces. 

When: Monday-Friday | 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Please note: Graduate TourLU is not offered on other event days, such as CFAW, ExperienceLU, DecideLU, and Graduate School Preview

How: Contact the Visitors Center by calling (434) 582-2064 or emailing to schedule your campus tour today! You can also register online.

Graduate School Preview

Preview Graduate School at Liberty University

What: This is a one-day, experiential event where you’ll discover, explore, and learn everything you want to know about life at Liberty University and our Graduate School programs. You will have the chance to see our campus, hear from academic leaders, and meet with your future professors as you get to know Liberty.

Who: College juniors, seniors, graduate transfer students, and their families.

When: October 18 and November 1

How: Register online or over the phone with a graduate admissions counselor by calling (877) 298-9617. There is no cost to attend our Graduate School Preview.

Graduate Visits

Grad School Preview

Sample Itinerary

The schedule below outlines a typical Graduate School Preview visit. It is arranged in no particular order and is subject to change. For a more detailed itinerary, Select one of the dates above.

View Sample Itinerary

Graduate Virtual Visits

What: Schedule a 30-minute online appointment with one of our student tour guides and graduate admissions counselors to go on a virtual tour and learn about your next steps in the enrollment process.

When: Tuesday-Thursday* | Please schedule at least one day in advance

How: Make an appointment online.

*Thursday dates that coincide with ExperienceLU or CFAW have no availability. 

Have Any Questions?

Our admissions team is here to assist you with any questions you have about your upcoming visit. Let us know how we can help you!


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