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Inclusion is just making people feel welcome.

As Christians, we believe that what we have in common — our identity in Christ — frees us to celebrate what makes us different.

With students from all 50 states and over 70 nations around the world, Liberty is a crossroads for individuals with differing points of view and life experiences.

Here you’ll meet peers whose backgrounds, interests, and ideas align with and diverge from your own.

We learn from one another.

And we serve one another as we serve God.

When you’re a Liberty student, you’ll join a community that fosters what transcends culture — peace, joy, hope, and love — and you’ll leave here prepared to think critically, independently, and globally.

Because at Liberty, you’re always welcome.

LU Global Focus Week


Meet some of Liberty’s international students.

You’re Always Welcome — Ready to join us?

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“We are Christians. The Lord has given us the self-same spirit, so we have the Holy Spirit of God, which unites us. It also gives us a unique viewpoint. We strive to see things the way God sees things — and God looks on the heart.

Liberty is unique because of the way our students are discipled and the way that they are spoken into — with so much Bible, so much public service, so much public outreach — all of that teaches our students to appreciate one another and their unique differences as individuals.”

—Greg Dowell, Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President of Equity and Inclusion, Liberty University 

Office of Equity and Inclusion

OEI Intl Education Week

Students worshipping during Global Focus Week

Liberty is an academic and professional community committed to standing against all forms of unbiblical discrimination.

Our Office of Equity and Inclusion provides training, support, and community-building opportunities for leadership, faculty, staff, and students campus-wide through:

  • Diversity mentorship/retention
  • Group discussions
  • Educational training
  • Professional development
  • One-on-one/group coaching
  • Accreditation support
  • Discrimination advocacy

The LEAD Fellowship

The Leadership Excellence and Academic Development (LEAD) Fellowship celebrates undergraduate minority and international students by cultivating community and focusing on:

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    Multicultural Resource Room

    Our ever-expanding range of 50+ equity and inclusion resources, which include award-winning documentaries, thought-provoking scholarly journals, multicultural books and a wide variety of cultural magazines, is available to anyone interested in broadening their understanding of diversity. Feel free to watch or listen to video or audio files while you’re there on the designated DVD and MP3 players as well.

    G5 Initiative

    G5* is a university initiative that takes a laser-focused approach to serving a different nation each year, with the goal of making a major impact for God in that country. Academic, service, and study abroad trips to that country are made available, and students have opportunities to interact with the culture throughout the school year.

    In 2017-18, G5 focused on Rwanda, and in 2018-19, it focused on Spain.

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    * Based on Galatians 5, in which Christians are called to live out the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control).

    In 2019-20, G5 is focusing on Colombia:

    G5 Initiative Columbia

    Global Focus Week

    Global Focus Week

    Global Focus Week (GFW) is a semi-annual event aimed at raising global awareness among Liberty University students, faculty, and staff. Throughout GFW, students have the opportunity to hear from globally influential Convocation guests, connect with global workers, experience a variety of cultures, and participate in interactive events.

    C. Daniel Kim International Student Center (ISC)

    The ISC is a home away from home for the brave students who leave their countries to study in the United States — a place for the international student community at Liberty to gather, get help from advisors, and relax.

    We also support our international students by helping them navigate federal regulations and promote a variety of cultures through on-campus workshops and cultural events.


    Students relaxing and studying in the ISC