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Aug 19, 2024
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Unleash Your Creative Vision: Master Digital Media Production with an MFA from Liberty

Unlock the door to a world where your creativity knows no bounds and your technical prowess becomes your greatest asset – welcome to the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Digital Media Production. As you stand on the brink of an ever-evolving digital landscape, this degree is your canvas, stage, and laboratory.

Imagine harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to bring stories to life, crafting narratives that captivate and visuals that resonate. With an MFA in Digital Media Production, you can dive deep into the art of digital storytelling, emerging not just with a degree but with a voice that can echo across multiple platforms and mediums.

Through this degree, you can learn to master the tools of the trade, from cameras to cutting-edge software, sound design, and special effects. But it’s not just about the tools; it’s about how you wield them. Your technical skills and unique perspective can create content that stands out and stands for something.

In helping others, you find new ways to tell their stories, giving a voice to the voiceless and shining a light on issues that need attention. Nonprofits, educational institutions, and social movements can all benefit from your ability to produce compelling digital media. Your work can raise funds, educate the public, and spark significant change.

And for you personally? The journey through your MFA is as much about self-discovery as it is about skill acquisition. You can grow – not just as a digital content producer but as a visionary and a storyteller. You will have the opportunity to network with peers and professionals who share your passion and drive and can challenge you to push boundaries and think outside the box.

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At Liberty, you’ll find an affordable, high-quality education that equips students like you for the real world. Our commitment to excellence helped us rank among’s Top 3 college campuses in America. Earning your degree from a nonprofit university with state-of-the-art resources like ours can help set you apart from your peers.

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Why Choose Liberty’s Digital Media Production Master’s Degree?

In Liberty’s MFA program, you are more than a student – you are a visionary. Your education is hands on, your instructors are industry professionals, and your work impacts your portfolio and your soul. The integration of a Christian worldview with professional practice allows you to explore how faith and art intersect, giving your work a deeper dimension of meaning.

Here at Liberty, your narrative takes form through the lens of industry-leading technology. Command the narrative power of RED Weapon cameras and immerse yourself in a 4K theatrical-standard workflow that can transform your storytelling into cinematic artistry. Demonstrate your graphic design prowess in the limelight as you contend in some of the advertising industry’s most prestigious competitions.

Our MFA isn’t just a program; it’s your backstage pass to the world of professional digital media production. Here, your education is amplified beyond lectures and into the real world – and your talents are sharpened not just for personal achievement but for a career that makes an audience of the world. Are you ready to take your place in the vast world of digital media? Liberty University is here to open that door for you.

What Will You Learn in Our MFA in Digital Media Production Degree?

In a cultural landscape where technology is ever advancing, you, like your peers, seek the sophisticated training in applied video and audio storytelling techniques essential for success in the contemporary media marketplace. The MFA program is meticulously designed to cater to these needs, providing an educational sanctuary where the Fruit of the Spirit is not just encouraged but woven into the fabric of professional-level media production.

Your educational journey here is marked by collaborative projects and individual pursuits within an environment that boasts state-of-the-art equipment and premier studio facilities. This is where your skills can be honed to perfection, preparing you to take on inventive leadership roles in a competitive workspace.

You’ll have the opportunity to mix and match courses and delve deep into a broad spectrum of expertise – from options such as the nuanced art of investigative storytelling to the intricacies of media technologies and communication strategies. With the ability to take video, social, and mobile promotion courses, you can become equipped to engage with modern audiences. In addition, our course in practical media analysis can refine your critical industry insights.

The core of your MFA experience at Liberty is shaped by a commitment to narrative excellence, with courses like video storytelling and digital storytelling providing the narrative backbone to your studies. You can become adept at weaving stories that resonate, backed by a biblical worldview that adds depth and authenticity to your narrative voice.

By completing a course in strategic communication campaigns for the digital age, you can synthesize your learning, crafting campaigns that captivate and convert in a world increasingly defined by digital interaction. Here, your education transcends traditional knowledge – shaping you into a media industry leader, a storyteller with a mission, and a professional equipped to communicate truth in a world eager for meaningful stories.

By culminating in an end-of-the-program portfolio project, this degree allows you to showcase your mastery, creativity, and the skills you’ve honed throughout the program. Your portfolio can be a reflection of your personal vision and professional expertise, a compelling testament to your readiness for the industry.

Alongside this, you have the option to immerse yourself in real-world experiences through practicums and internships. These opportunities are not just about gaining experience; they’re about making meaningful connections, understanding the industry from the inside, and paving your path in the digital media landscape. Whether you choose to dive into these practical experiences or focus solely on crafting your portfolio, your journey in the MFA program is tailored to empower you to emerge not just as a graduate but as a digital media artist ready to make a mark on the world.

View the Degree Completion Plan, and check out our featured courses below for more information.

Featured Courses

CINE 660 – Lighting, Design, and Aesthetics

COMS 526 – Investigative Storytelling

STCO 532 – Media Technologies and Communication Strategies

STCO 639 – Digital Storytelling

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    MFA in Digital Media Production Degree Information

      Potential Career Opportunities for MFA in Digital Media Production Graduates

      • Art director

      • Audio producer

      • Brand manager

      • Creative director

      • Film/television director

      • Media executive

      • Special effects artist

      Admission Requirements for Our Digital Media Production Master’s Degree

       Every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and all applicants must submit the following documents and meet the minimum requirements for admission:

      • Admission application 
      • A regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA for admission in good standing
      • Self-certification form for students in the final term of their bachelor’s degree   
      • Current Liberty undergraduate students seeking preliminary acceptance into a graduate program must complete a degree completion application through their ASIST account
      • Creative Writing Statement — The creative writing statement should include your media production background, area(s) of specialty, and the intended direction of your work. This is your opportunity to provide context for your storytelling specialty and interests. This will be submitted through SlideRoom in conjunction with the portfolio.   
      • Personal portfolio submission including:    
        • A 3–5-minute demonstration video that best depicts your abilities and interests in Digital Media Production
        • A document explaining your role in the production of all media artifacts 
        • Videos must be professionally photographed, sound-mixed, and “client” ready  
        • Submitted work samples must clearly demonstrate your strong technical skills, aesthetic style, fundamental knowledge, and potential for success in the program 
        • All submitted images must be original creative artifacts designed by you 
        • Neat and professional presentation, layout, and image quality 
        • Credit must be given when collaborative works are included
        • The portfolio must be submitted via SlideRoom, which has a $10 non-refundable fee  
          • Video (up to 250MB each)
          • PDFs (up to 10MB each)  

      Highlights of Our MFA in Digital Media Production Degree

      • Receive access to 2 HD TV studios for hands-on learning.

      • Gain real-world experience with Liberty’s student-run newspaper, the Liberty Champion, and our on-campus radio and sports network.

      • Have the chance to participate on award-winning teams, such as our national award-winning advertising team.

      • Join our student-run public relations firm, Innovations, which offers real client projects in promotional advertising.

      • You can gain opportunities for collaborations with local TV studios for experiential learning.

      • Our faculty are all professionals in the industry with advanced degrees to match their field experience.

      • You can use our state-of-the-art media lab with access to high-quality, industry-standard equipment.

      • Use high-tech equipment such as our RED Weapon cameras and a 4K theatrical-standard workflow.