SADA Sculpting Promo Takes Place On February 26, 2020. (Photo By Andrew Snyder)
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Reach the Pinnacle of Your Career in Fine Arts with an MFA from Liberty University

The field of fine arts can be extremely competitive. Even with the right skills, it can be difficult to stand out to prospective employers. Let us help! At Liberty, we offer a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree with two specializations to help you hone your unique artistic abilities while increasing your career potential and marketability.

Do you aspire to teach graphic design at a university? Choose our graphic design MFA degree and take our fine arts teaching course to start preparing. Do you want to own your own art studio and create hand-made pieces? Our MFA in Studio Art can help you develop your specific trade, from jewelry making to ceramics, to sculpture modeling.

Whatever form your passion for art takes, we believe our MFA will assist you in achieving more. We want to take your current proficiencies and make them even stronger. We want to open the door to new career paths and exciting opportunities that you can look forward to. Partner with us and see how far your artistic talent can take you.

Why Choose Liberty’s Master of Fine Arts Degree?

We believe choosing Liberty to pursue your degree means choosing academic excellence. As a graduate student, you want to pursue a degree that will not only advance your current skill set but also allow you to increase your professional potential. Let us help you do both with a terminal degree in fine arts.

As an MFA student at Liberty, you will receive instruction under professors who have spent years in the art industry, with collegiate degrees to match. Our students have access to state-of-the-art equipment in graphic design and studio art, including character creation, 3D modeling, and virtual reality software. Additionally, you will have various opportunities to put your skills to the test with a career specific internship or practicum.

Stand out by excelling in the art form you love. Our MFA degrees allow creative freedom across the board. From choosing which specific art courses you want to take, to what field project or internship you wish to pursue, you can tailor your degree to your unique interests and talents. So what are you waiting for? Your next step in fine arts is just a degree away.

What Will You Learn in Our MFA Degrees?

The students pursuing our Master of Fine Arts degrees focus their particular artistic interests into developing vital portfolio and writing skills needed to stand out in their field. If you choose to pursue one of our MFA degrees, you can expect to walk away with a strong understanding of the major art cultures throughout history. This knowledge provides context to our students’ unique artistic expressions.

Through our MFA degree program, you will gain invaluable hands-on experience through our teaching art in higher education course, and our practicum and internship opportunities. Additionally, studio art students can choose either a 2D or 3D area of study for their degree, which provides tailored training to the unique interests of the student.

Check out our featured courses below for more information!

Featured Courses

ARTS 515 – Issues in Contemporary Art

ARTS 598 – Practicum

ARTS 780 – Art and Design Research Methodologies

ARTS 797 – Special Topics

    Degree Information
    Admissions Requirements

    Master of Fine Arts Degree Information

    Master’s in Fine Arts Degree Programs

    Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Graphic Design

    Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio Art

    Career Opportunities for MFA Graduates

    • Art Director
    • Creative Director
    • Exhibition Designer
    • Gallery Owner or Director
    • Illustrator
    • Museum Services Specialist
    • Professor
    • User Interface Designer

    Admission Requirements for Graduate Degrees

    Every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and all applicants must submit the following documents and meet the minimum requirements for admission:

    • Admission application
    • Self-certification form (for students who are in the final term of their bachelor’s degree)
    • Current Liberty undergraduate students seeking preliminary acceptance into a graduate program must complete a graduation application through their ASIST account
    • A regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA for admission in good standing. A GPA of 2.5 to 2.99 may grant admission on caution.
    • Artist Statement (typed) – must include your artistic background, area(s) of specialty, and the intended direction of your work provides context for your art and design. Must be submitted through SlideRoom in conjuncture with the portfolio

    Personal Portfolio must include:

    • No fewer than 20 images that best depict your abilities and interests in either Graphic Design or Studio Art
    • Submitted images must be professionally photographed/composed and “client” ready
    • Neat and professional presentation, layout, and image quality
    • Submitted work samples must clearly demonstrate your strong technical skills, aesthetic style, fundamental knowledge, and potential for success in the program
    • All submitted images must be original creative artifacts designed by you
    • Credit must be given when collaborative works are included
    • Portfolio must be submitted via SlideRoom, which has a $10 non-refundable fee
    • Provide 20 items
      • Images (up to 5MB each)
      • Video (up to 250MB each)
      • PDFs (up to 10MB each)
      • Models (Sketchfab)

    Highlights of Our MFA Degrees

    • Our faculty are all professionals in the industry, with collegiate degrees to match their field experience.
    • Liberty’s studio arts students have won more graphic design awards as part of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Awards than all of the other schools in Virginia and North Carolina combined.
    • We are constantly making sure we have the newest equipment for our graphic design students to use. This includes cutting edge software in character creation, 3D modeling, and virtual reality.
    • You will get the chance to pursue an internship and practicum hours during your time as a student, which will further develop your professional portfolio.
    • Our students have interned with major companies such as ESPN and Disney.
    • Our alumni have gone on to work for organizations like Motion Picture Association of America, Hallmark, Lord & Taylor, and Capital One.