Liberty University Online Minors

What Are Minors in College Education?

While your major consists of your primary bachelor’s degree courses of study, minors are secondary areas of study that can help you use general electives toward a specific goal, receive supplemental knowledge needed for a specific career, or take classes to explore a personal interest.

Liberty University’s online minors provide an opportunity for you to personalize your degree to include additional areas of study without pursuing an entirely different bachelor’s degree. Customizing your degree with a minor can expand your experience, knowledge, and training beyond your current major.

If you are unsure exactly what to study with your general electives, minors can give you helpful guidance and a practical list of options. Make the most of your college investment with a minor!

Can You Choose Unrelated Minors?

Minors do not have to be related to your online bachelor’s degree area of study. You can add minors in any area of study to your online degree.

Diverse minors like business or writing are beneficial for any career, but adding areas of interest will make you well-rounded in whatever field you choose. As a Christian college, Liberty University encourages students to take advantage of the flexible online format to include minors in biblical studies, church ministry, evangelism, or other religious studies to help them better serve in any field as a Champion for Christ.

For instance, if you pursue the Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Life Coaching, you would still have up to 33 credit hours in free electives available even with the specialized area of study. To add to your life coaching skillset, you may decide to pair it with a minor in Christian counseling to make your knowledge of helping and encouraging others more robust.

How Many Minors Can You Have? 

Minors can only be added to bachelor’s degrees and may be used to fill in general electives in your degree plan. You can pursue as many minors as you want, but more than one minor will likely add to the overall length of your degree plan beyond the normal 120 credit hour format. You can speak with an academic advisor about adding a minor once you begin your online bachelor’s degree.

Minor Program Format

  • 15-18 credit hours
  • 50% of minors must be completed through Liberty University unless otherwise specified*
  • Only available to add to an online bachelor’s degree while currently enrolled
  • More than one minor can be pursued but may add to overall program length

*Military students are required to complete at least 1 course in their minor at Liberty.

Areas of Study Available for Liberty University Online Programs Minors

For more information about specific options for Liberty University minors, please select one of the individual minor programs below.

*Offered in partnership with the Karen Kingsbury Center for Creative Writing.
**Offered in partnership with the James C. Dobson Center for Child Development, Marriage, and Family Studies.