Physics Minor Online

Enhance Your Science-Related Knowledge and Skills with Liberty’s Online Minor in Physics

Whether you’re majoring in a related field like engineering or mathematics or simply have a passion for understanding how the universe works, our online physics minor can complement your educational journey. Liberty University’s 100% online physics minor will help you explore the vast universe of knowledge available at your fingertips.

In our online Minor in Physics, you can dive deep into fundamental concepts like quantum mechanics, classical mechanics, electricity, and magnetism. Each course presents a chance to grasp the laws that govern the universe we inhabit. You can uncover the mysteries of the physical world, from particles to galaxies. Our Minor in Physics program provides you with an invitation to explore and engage with the questions of the universe. We encourage you to take this journey with us, embracing the potential to deepen your understanding of the physical world and refine your skills for future endeavors.

Why Add a Minor in Physics?
What Will You Learn?
Course Requirements

Why Choose Liberty University’s Online Minor in Physics?

Liberty’s 100% online Minor in Physics can provide you with the opportunity to engage with our qualified faculty members who bring their rich academic backgrounds and research experience to the virtual classroom. Through interactive digital tools, you can participate in discussions, ask questions, and receive personalized feedback.

Our physics minor includes a series of online courses that can enhance your critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. These competencies are highly transferable and can be applied in many sectors, from academia and research to industry and technology. Each course within the program is taught from a Christian perspective, providing you with insight into biblically based concepts of the laws of nature.

What Will You Learn in Our Online Physics Minor Classes?

As you step into the realm of physics, you can expect to grasp competencies that can help equip you for research projects in physics and related fields. Our online Minor in Physics program can offer you a solid grounding in mechanics through a calculus-based study. Learn about concepts such as momentum and energy, exploring their applications in the physical world.

Electromagnetism forms another cornerstone of your learning journey. Through a calculus-based approach, you can explore this fascinating interaction between electric and magnetic fields.  You’ll also study analytical mechanics applied to particles and rigid bodies. This is a fascinating opportunity to dive deeper into the forces at work in the universe, studying their impact on the movement and behavior of physical entities.

Our physics minor is designed to cater to the needs of students from diverse backgrounds – from sciences and engineering to mathematics – who are in pursuit of a deeper understanding of physics. Our program is not just about the transfer of knowledge – it’s an opportunity to question, explore, and potentially transform your understanding of the world.

Online Minor in Physics Course Requirements (17 Hours)

Below are the online physics classes that make up our Minor in Physics:

  • PHYS 231 – University Physics I
  • PHYS 232 – University Physics II
  • PHYS 305 – Introduction to Modern Physics
  • PHYS 321 – Mechanics
  • PHYS 331 – Electricity and Magnetism