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Learn to Professionally Help Others with Liberty’s Minor in Christian Counseling Online

Liberty’s Minor in Christian Counseling online will equip students in any degree program with a better understanding of human behavior, personality types, relationships, and human development. Courses in the Minor in Christian Counseling online seek to help meet the needs of a hurting world by equipping students to provide biblical guidance to individuals in need. As students begin online courses in their Minor in Christian Counseling, they will gain an overview of practical biblical counseling models and the necessary skills needed to approach issues like crisis care, life transitions, and spiritual warfare. Our professors will introduce students to psychological theories and show them how to integrate those theories with biblical truth.

Liberty’s Minor in Christian Counseling online pairs well with our Bachelor of Science in Psychology online degree program.

Why Choose Christian Counseling?

What Will You Learn?
Christian Counseling Requirements

At Liberty, all of your classes will be taught by Christian professors from a biblical worldview. This is especially important in Christian counseling. Additionally, our Minor in Christian Counseling is available 100% online, so you never have to the flexibility to complete these courses from the comfort of your own home and around your schedule.

Our Minor in Christian Counseling will help you develop deeper levels of personal awareness and empathy as you take core Christian counseling online classes. You will learn to act with compassion and understanding in your career, making the Christian counseling online minor an excellent addition to any degree program.

Christian Counseling Minor Online Course Requirements (15 hours)

  • CCOU 201 – Introduction to Christian Counseling
  • CCOU 202 – Issues of Christian Counseling

Choose 3 courses from:

  • CCOU 301 – Christian Counseling for Marriage/Family  
  • CCOU 302 – Christian Counseling for Children   
  • CCOU 304 – Christian Counseling for Women   
  • CCOU 305 – Issues in Human Sexuality