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Use Your Online Degree to Disciple Others through a Minor in Evangelism

Liberty’s 100% online Minor in Evangelism is built off of Billy Graham’s work and instructional approach to offer classes that will best prepare you to disciple others in any field of study you choose. Through these classes, you will grow in your knowledge of foundational areas such as the gospel, the fall of man, and the great commission. Since our relationship with Christ is not dependent on our self, we will explore the importance of sharing the Gospel message through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are confident that a minor in Evangelism will help reinforce the vital role that prayer and walking in the fullness of the Spirit play in the process of reaching the lost.

Liberty University is a proud Christian university, with a mission to train Champions for Christ through our residential and online college degree programs. Our classes in Evangelism will provide an in-depth study of how to lead people to Christ to fulfill the Great Commission. We desire that you will develop a deeper understanding of theology and share that with those who have yet to hear the saving message of the Gospel.

Students interested in a theology degree, such as a Bachelor of Science in Religion online degree program, will benefit from Liberty’s minor in Evangelism. Students will learn many of the same concepts while still pursuing a degree that most interests them.

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Why Choose a Minor in Evangelism?
Course Requirements

Why Choose Liberty’s Minor in Evangelism?

  • Access to the ministry rationale and hallmark resources associated with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Schools of Evangelism Online.
  • Our minor in Evangelism is offered completely online, allowing you to remain active in your job, with your family, and in your community without the worry of having to take courses on campus.
  • You will gain experience to confidently lead others to Christ.

Course Requirements (15 hours)

  • EVAN 101 – Evangelism and the Christian Life
  • EVAN 201 – Preparation for Personal Evangelism
  • EVAN 220 – Effective Message Preparation in Evangelism
  • EVAN 301 – Evangelism & the Work of the Holy Spirit
  • EVAN 401 – Discipleship in Evangelism