Minor in Sports Outreach

Make a Difference in the World with a Minor in Sports Outreach

Liberty’s Minor in Sports Outreach is available to sports enthusiasts seeking any bachelor’s degree program. Those who wish to minister in a postmodern culture must realize that athletics can be one of the most effective means of outreach that a Christian can possess. Our sports outreach classes will help future leaders understand the background of sport and religion and develop the skills necessary for utilizing sport as a ministry tool. If you’re passionate about sports, you can use this platform for ministry in a relevant manner, making the Minor in Sports Outreach an excellent addition to any degree.

Why Choose Sports Outreach?
What Will You Learn?
Course Requirements

What Will You Learn in the Sports Outreach Minor Online?

Throughout six online sports outreach courses, you will have the opportunity to learn under the mentorship of qualified professionals in your hometown through the mentoring in sport class. Because this course is structured similarly to an internship, you will participate in a supervised period of learning in the context of actual ministry. Upon completion of the sports outreach minor, you will be prepared to ensure the enjoyment, safety, and positive skill development for athletes of any age.

Sports Outreach Course Requirements (18 hours)

  • SMGT 312 – Introduction to Sports Ministry Outreach
  • SMGT 315 – Concepts & Practices in Sports Outreach
  • SMGT 317 – Mentoring in Sport
  • SMGT 321 – Global Sports Outreach
  • SMGT 401 – Sports Methodology, Methods, & Practices
  • SMGT 402 – Sports Chaplaincy

Why Choose an Online Minor in Sports Outreach?

If you’re excited about athletics and reaching out to others for personal and spiritual growth, you’ll find that the Minor in Sports Outreach will give you knowledge and skills needed to help you carry out this passion. You’ll be learning from professors who have real-life experience in coaching, as well as ministry, who are are excited about guiding you through your courses. Plus, the Minor in Sports Outreach is offered completely online, allowing you to remain active in your job, with your family, and in your community without the worry of having to take courses on campus.

While this minor can be paired with any degree, a specialization from the bachelor’s degree in religion is a great way to combine your love of athletics with a background and understanding in ministry.