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Minor in Information Security

Learn Integral Technology Skills with Liberty’s Minor in Information Security Online

In today’s highly connected world, our data and systems need protection from hackers, misuse, and those with unauthorized access. Through Liberty’s Minor in Information Security, you will be prepared to meet the growing need for professionals who can protect our sensitive information with integrity.

Modern business and educational worlds are founded on networking systems and data communications. Our courses will equip you to understand the movement of information from one device to another and key concepts in securing information. As you progress through the Information Security Minor online, you will learn to ensure the safety of business operation’s confidential information by implementing and maintaining an information security program. Graduates will be equipped to use this knowledge as they enter into the career world.

What Will You Learn with a Minor in Information Security Online?

Liberty’s Minor in Information Systems allows you to choose between a course in Homeland Security or Intelligence and National Security in order to customize your minor to fit your interests. With your experience and acquired skills through our Minor in Information Systems online, you can enhance your career path and increase job opportunities. 

For those interested in furthering their education, our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Data Networking and Security is an excellent degree to help you meet your goals. The minor and Bachelor’s degree are offered completely online, allowing you to remain active in your job, with your family, and in your community without the worry of having to take courses on a campus.

Course Requirements (18 hours)

  • CSIS 330 – Business Data Communication Systems
  • CSIS 340 – Studies in Information Security
  • CSIS 341 – Information Security Planning
  • CSIS 344 – Information Security Operations
  • BUSI 310 – Principles of Management
  • GOVT 380 – Introduction to Intelligence & National Security or CJUS 380 – Introduction to Homeland Security
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