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Minor in Christian Ministries Online Program Page

Our Online Ministry Classes through Our Minor in Christian Ministries will Help You Fulfill Your Calling 

Liberty University’s online ministry classes through the Minor in Christian Ministries will prepare you to integrate your calling with your career by providing a deeper understanding of the Bible and various areas of ministry. The online ministry classes will offer a practical study of Christian Ministry with emphasis given to its biblical foundation, philosophy of ministry, and the various areas of ministry. Through the Youth Ministries course, students will study the biblical principles of establishing and maintaining a ministry to adolescents. A church is also an organization, and through the leadership and management course, students will be trained in the diagnosis of personal spiritual needs of a leader, common mistakes leaders make in ministry, and various truths that leaders need to learn to effectively manage people.

What Will You Learn in Our Online Ministry Classes through the Christian Ministries Minor?

The online ministry classes in our Minor in Christian Ministries will give you the opportunity to choose two electives to create a minor that is unique to you. Through these electives, you can choose to study issues that impact local church members and the various roles represented in the church. Our minor in Christian Ministries seeks to equip you with the knowledge you will need to effectively lead not only in the church but also in your career and throughout your life.

Minor in Christian Ministries Requirements (15 Hours)

Online Ministry and Related Courses for this Minor:

  • CHMN 201 – Introduction to Church Ministries
  • CLED 450 – Organization and Leadership in Ministry
  • YOUT 201 – Survey of Youth Ministries
  • Choose two courses from CHMN, CLED or YOUT.