Minor In Apologetics

Learn How to Defend Your Christian Faith with an Apologetics Minor

Apologetics is the study of the truths and history of the Christian faith and the process of defending it with facts and logic. Liberty University’s apologetics minor is designed to help you follow in the footsteps of some of the great Christian apologists like C.S. Lewis, Lee Strobel, and Liberty’s own Dr. Gary Habermas.

When you choose to add a Minor in Apologetics to your online bachelor’s degree, you will have the opportunity to study four apologetics courses and one course in religion. Through these classes, you can learn how to defend your faith by gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible and how to answer common questions and objections of Christianity.

Why Choose a Minor in Apologetics?
What Will You Learn?
Course Requirements

Why Choose Liberty University’s Online Minor in Apologetics?

A minor in apologetics is an excellent addition to any degree program at Liberty University. You will think through what you believe and why, as well as learn many of the philosophical and modern-day arguments against faith and how to effectively answer them. As a Christian university, our mission is to Train Champions for Christ, and we are proud to partner with you through a minor in apologetics.

While our apologetics minor can enhance any of our online bachelor’s degrees, this minor pairs especially well with our Bachelor of Science in Religion.

What Will You Learn in Our Online Apologetics Classes?

Our in-depth apologetics classes can equip you with a superior understanding of God’s Word and will strengthen your faith. You will examine current cultural trends and beliefs while learning how to present the truth of God’s Word with courage and grace.

You will also study the methods of noted apologists like C.S. Lewis and learn how to use philosophy, imagination, and people’s own understanding of the world to help them see the truth of the Gospel.

Apologetics Minor Course Requirements (15 hours)

Below are the online apologetics classes that make up our Minor in Apologetics:

  • APOL 220 – Introduction to Apologetics
  • APOL 310 – Apologetics in a Secular Age
  • APOL 320 – Apologetics and the Gospel
  • APOL 330 – C.S. Lewis and Apologetic Imagination
  • RLGN 340 – Global Religious Movements