Minor In History Online Degree Program

Explore the Past through Our Online History Courses

Earning a minor in history is an excellent way to establish context for your work and create a rich foundation upon which advanced knowledge can be built. If you are passionate about using the past as a means of creating a better future, Liberty University’s 100% online Minor in History is the perfect option for you!

Our online history courses will provide you with the foundational knowledge you need while still allowing you to pursue the degree that interests you most. Whether your goal is to work in education, government, or public administration, a Minor in History is a great way to compliment your online degree program.

Why Add a Minor in History?
What Will You Learn?
Course Requirements

Why Choose a Minor in History?

Liberty’s online history courses are taught from a Christian perspective and biblical worldview. You can learn from historians with years of experience who are excited to watch you succeed. Each online history course is integrated with biblical principles and real-world applications to prepare you for a rewarding career that will enrich your spiritual life. 

Our Minor in History courses are offered completely online just like our Bachelor of Science in History, allowing you to remain active in your job, with your family, and in your community without the worry of having to take courses on campus. If you are interested in a more in-depth study of history, our Bachelor of Science in History degree is a great stepping stone to the Master of Arts in History.

What Will You Learn in Our Online History Courses?

Liberty’s online history courses will take you on a fascinating exploration of the colonization of America and other cultures and nations around the world. You will use research and analytical skills to uncover the key aspects of the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era in America, United States traditions, and much more.

With the in-depth training you gain in our online history courses, you can prepare to use the challenges of the past as a key to solving the problems of tomorrow.

Online History Course Requirements (18 hours)

Choose Three Online History Courses from:

  • HIEU 201 – History of Western Civilization I

  • HIEU 202 – History of Western Civilization II
  • HIUS 221 – Survey of American History I
  • HIUS 222 – Survey of American History II

Choose Three 300-400 Level Online History Courses from the Following Disciplines:

  • HIEU – European History

  • HIST – History

  • HIUS – History of the United States
  • HIWD – World History