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Juris Master International Law Online Degree Programs

Explore Cultures, Histories, and Arts From Around the World in Our Minor in International Studies Online

Liberty University’s 100% online Minor in International Studies online offers you the ability to explore world civilizations without ever leaving the comfort of your home. You will be immersed in courses discovering major current events from around the globe. Our Minor in International Studies online is ideal for students interested in global careers or working in international missions. The Minor in International Studies online gives you the freedom to choose three courses from a list of available options so you can customize your minor with classes that interest you the most. You will learn from international studies online professors with your same passions and a desire to see you succeed in any course you choose. 

Why Choose Liberty’s Minor in International Studies Online?

Our mission to train Champions for Christ extends to all our degree programs as well as to our minors. We desire that every student graduates with the skills and training needed to impact the world. With a Minor in International Studies online, our professors will help you integrate a biblical worldview as you explore various parts of the world. 

What Will You Learn in Our Minor in International Studies Online?

Students from every degree can benefit from adding a Minor in International Studies online to their bachelor’s degree. Understanding the history of Western Civilization is foundational to understanding present-day events. Students will also learn about comparative civilizations and can choose to take other courses about American Foreign Relations, the History of Africa, and more. The Minor in International Studies online is an especially great option for student’s enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration online degree program. The Minor International Studies online Course Requirements and options are listed below. 

Minor in International Studies Course Requirements (18 hours)

  • HIEU 201 – History of Western Civilization I
  • HIEU 202 – History of Western Civilization II
  • HIWD 370 – Comparative Civilizations
  • Choose three courses from:
    • HIEU 390 – Modern Europe
    • HIUS 470 – American Foreign Relations Since 1776
    • HIWD 320 – History of Africa
    • HIWD 341 – Modern Islamic Civilization
    • HIWD 350 – East Asian Civilization
    • HIWD 372 – Latin American Civilization
    • HIWD 375 – Korean and Vietnam Wars