Minor In Psychology Online Degree Program

Enhance Your Bachelor’s Degree with a Minor in Psychology Online

Liberty University’s Minor in Psychology is an excellent complement to any bachelor’s degree program because psychology intersects with many areas of life due to its emphasis on people. Our introductory psychology courses will cover many aspects within the field of human services and provide you with methods used to describe, understand, and explain human behavior. Regardless of what degree and career you choose to pursue, a better understanding of the thought processes and behaviors of other people will bring enrichment to your future profession.

You may still be wondering, “What can I do with a Minor in Psychology?” A psychology minor is an excellent way to supplement a variety of degrees through an acquired understanding of group dynamics, effective communication, and leadership qualities. With the specialized training you gain in Liberty’s Minor in Psychology, you could open the door to additional career opportunities. Whether your goal is to work in business, education, or human services, our Minor in Psychology will help you succeed in your desired career field!

Why Choose Psychology?
What Will You Learn?
Course Requirements

Why Choose a Minor in Psychology Online?

Understanding people and how they think is a critical skill you can use in every career. Liberty’s Minor in Psychology will give you behavioral science knowledge as a component to your bachelor’s degree that you otherwise would not have. It’s a great option for students who need to major in another field while realizing the importance of psychology in our everyday lives. Plus, you will learn from Christian professors who have a desire to see you succeed in your degree and career.

Our Minor in Psychology is offered completely online just like our Bachelor of Science in Psychology, allowing you the flexibility to remain active in your job, with your family, and in your community without the worry of having to take courses on campus.

While any degree will be enhanced by a deeper knowledge of human cognition and behavior,  you may consider pairing a psychology minor with our online bachelor’s degrees in social work or criminal justice. If you are interested in a more in-depth study of psychology, our Bachelor of Science in Psychology online college degree program is a great stepping stone to the Master of Arts in Applied Psychology and Master of Arts in Human Services

What Will You Learn in Our Minor in Psychology?

As you progress through our online psychology minor, you will have the option to personalize your degree through electives. These elective courses allow you to create a degree that is unique to you by choosing from areas of study like substance abuse, crisis intervention, behavior modification, and psychology of criminal behavior. Our psychology courses offer a fascinating insight into human behavior and development, personality, genetics, memory, and research methods.

Minor in Psychology Course Requirements (15 hours)

  • PSYC 101 – General Psychology or PSYC 210 – Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC 255 – Introduction to Research
  • One PSYC elective (200-400 level)
  • Two PSYC electives (300-400 level)