Minor In Marriage And Family Studies Liberty University

A Minor in Marriage and Family Studies Will Supplement Your Christian Counseling Degree or Any Bachelor’s Program

Liberty University’s Minor in Marriage and Family Studies will provide you with foundational information needed to understand the dynamics of strong and healthy families. The need for Christian counseling classes is more important now than ever. You will examine the tough issues facing today’s children and identify strategies and interventions for effective growth and change. As you begin to tackle the challenges facing children and their parents, our professors will teach you practical methods of understanding various familial situations.

Many people are affected by divorce, have been remarried, or live within a blended family. The Christian worldview in our online counseling classes will guide you to the biblical answer for challenges you may face in any career. Through the Minor in Marriage and Family Studies, you will gain a better understanding of these situations in order to positively address them in your own life and the lives of the families you serve. Our hope is that you understand that each person represented in a family is essential. Our Online Christian Counseling classes will facilitate a positive environment as you interact with your professor and others in the class through discussion board posts.

Why Choose Marriage and Family Studies?
What Will You Learn?
Course Requirements

Why Choose a Minor in Marriage and Family Studies?

The Minor in Marriage and Family Studies is offered completely online, allowing you to remain active in your job, with your family, and in your community without the worry of having to take Christian counseling courses on campus. As a Christian university, our desire is to help you integrate a biblical worldview into your Minor in Marriage and Family Studies. We are proud to partner with you as you learn to serve families in need and how to handle the problems of the family from a Christian perspective.

The Minor in Marriage and Family Studies is an excellent option to pair with our Bachelor of Science in Psychology online degree program and the Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Christian Counseling online degree program. However, this type of information can be beneficial to any of our online bachelor’s degrees.

What Will You Learn through Liberty’s Minor in Marriage and Family Studies?

Our Minor in Marriage and Family Studies features fifteen credit-hours of courses in your concentration. You will learn about important concepts in child and adolescent strategies, marriage, divorce, effective parenting, and more. As you reach the end of the minor, you will learn about healthy sexuality from a biblical perspective.

Course Requirements for the Minor in Marriage and Family Studies (15 hours)

  • DBMF 300 – Child & Adolescent Issues & Helping Strategies
  • DBMF 400 – Marriage & Family Systems: Foundations, Models & Techniques
  • DBMF 405 – Divorce, Remarriage & Blended Families
  • DBPC 305 – Effective Parenting: Childhood Behavior & Discipline Strategies
  • DBPC 410 – Healthy Sexuality: Biblical & Developmental Factors