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Undergraduate Degrees

Choose from a wide variety of residential and online undergraduate degrees from the Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University. Select a specialization for your divinity degree that targets your calling and positions you to make a difference in ministry. Benefit from our School of Divinity Degree Minors, as well.

Applied Ministry (B.S.)

Biblical & Educational Studies: Biblical & Theological Studies (B.S.)

Biblical Studies (B.A.)

Camp & Outdoor Adventure Leadership (B.S.)

Christian Leadership & Church Ministries (B.S.)

Christian Leadership & Management: Business Management (B.S.)

Cultural Engagement (B.S.)

Global Studies (B.S.)

Pastoral Leadership (B.S.)

Religion (B.S.)

Our Religion (B.S.) Online Degree allows you to obtain solid instruction on the fundamental principles of the Bible, Christianity, theology, and the Church.

  • Apologetics – Online
  • Biblical & Theological Studies – Online
  • Christian Counseling – Online
  • Christian Leadership – Online

Religious Studies (B.S.)

Theology & Apologetics (B.A.)

Youth Ministries (B.S.)