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Undergraduate Degrees

Choose from a wide variety of residential and online undergraduate degrees from the John W. Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University. Select a specialization for your divinity degree that targets your calling and positions you to make a difference in ministry. Benefit from our School of Divinity Degree Minors, as well.

Applied Ministry (B.S.)

Bible (B.S.)

Biblical & Educational Studies (B.S.): Biblical & Theological Studies 

Biblical Counseling (B.S.)

Biblical Studies (B.A.)

Camp & Outdoor Adventure Leadership (B.S.)

Christian Leadership & Church Ministries (B.S.)

Christian Leadership & Management (B.S.): Business Management

Christian Studies (B.S.)

Cultural Engagement (B.S.)

Global Studies (B.S.)

Pastoral Leadership (B.S.)

Religion (B.S.)

Religious Studies (B.S.)

Religious Studies: Bible and Theology (B.A.) or (B.S.)

Theology (B.S.)

Theology & Apologetics (B.A.)

Youth Ministries (B.S.)