B.S. in Christian Leadership & Church Ministries

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Residential Christian Leadership & Church Ministries Program

Become a Christian leader and receive the ministry training you need to effectively serve in local church, parachurch, and nonprofit organizations. Your B.S. in Christian Leadership and Church Ministries degree will equip you with professional skills for planning, organizing, and developing Christian ministries. You’ll also gain the ability to evaluate models of leadership, programs, and various philosophies of Christian ministry.

In addition, through Liberty University’s B.S. in Christian Leadership and Church Ministries, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your career marketability by pursuing an area of study within one of Liberty’s other schools.

Gain knowledge, values, and skills so you can effectively fulfill your purpose in church and parachurch ministry.

Explore our Degree Completion Plan

Cognates for the B.S. in Christian Leadership & Church Ministries 

See what it takes to complete your degree with its degree completion plan (DCP) below.

Biblical Studies

Camp & Outdoor Adventure Leadership

Global Studies

Technical Studies

Theology & Apologetics

Women’s Leadership


Career Opportunities

  • Ministry Director
  • Church Administration
  • Parachurch Leadership
  • Ministry Associate
  • Ministry roles in bi-vocational settings
  • Camps Director
  • Women’s Ministry Director
  • Christian Education Director
  • Evangelist
  • Media Ministry