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B.S. in Religious Studies: Theology & Apologetics

Residential Degree in Religious Studies: Theology & Apologetics

Discover how to relate the major doctrines in the Bible to contemporary theological and apologetic issues, with the Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies: Theology and Apologetics degree from Liberty University.

The B.S. in Religious Studies: Theology and Apologetics gives you a general knowledge of the Bible, church history, apologetics, and hermeneutical methodology while offering you a targeted focus on theology and apologetics. Prepare for your ministry career and get equipped to relevantly engage the culture with the truth of the Gospel.

The Theology and Apologetics cognate will help you understand how to relate major biblical doctrines to current theological and apologetic issues while giving you a basic knowledge of philosophy. It will also introduce you to the various world religions and the Christian apologetic response.

Academics: Theology & Apologetics Cognate

Credit Hours

120 total credit hours

Program of Study (DCP)

Religious Studies (B.S.): Theology and Apologetics (DCP)

Admission Requirements

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Featured Theology & Apologetics Courses

  • Foundational Issues in Apologetics (APOL 311)
  • Christianity & the Cults (APOL 325)
  • The Church: Its Mission & Hope (THEO 412)
  • Modern & Contemporary Theology (THEO 430)

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Career Opportunities in Theology & Apologetics

  • Christian Educator
  • Church Leadership
  • Evangelism
  • Missions
  • Parachurch Ministries
  • Graduate School/Seminary