B.S. in Global Studies

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Residential Global Studies Degree

The Global Studies program is designed to produce Christ-centered leaders with the values, knowledge, and intercultural skills required to excel as individuals in their communities, lead as professionals in their fields and serve as followers of Christ in the global context of the 21st century.

Program Overview

  • Four core courses
  • Cultural Intelligence® training
  • Global Internship – 16 weeks abroad during spring semester of junior year
  • Pre-internship orientation; post-internship debriefing
  • Capstone course
  • Required minor or double major

Degree Programs

Course Information

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Global Studies: GLST 200
  • Intercultural Communication and Engagement: GLST 220*
  • Cultural Anthropology: GLST 290**
  • Career Preparation for Global Workers: GLST 385

*GLST 220 fulfills the Communications elective requirement.
**GLST 290 fulfills the Literature or Cultural Studies elective requirement.

Other Courses:

  • Global Studies Practicum: GLST 380
  • Living Abroad: GLST 387
  • Ethnographic Research: GLST 388
  • Barefoot Language Learning: GLST 389
  • Engaging Oral Communicators: GLST 390
  • Engaging Tribal Cultures: GLST 485
  • Trends & Issues in Global Studies: GLST 490
  • Global Studies Capstone: GLST 491
  • Global Studies Internship: GLST 499
  • World Religions: RLGN 350

For more information about courses, visit the undergraduate catalog.

Global Studies Internship

  • Second semester of junior year
  • Earn 15 hours of university credit
  • Ethnographic research project, language learning, and cross-cultural service opportunities
  • Return for debriefing and continued discipleship in senior year

Due to the unique timing of the internship semester, it is very important that you fill out the GLST Internship Tracking Form as soon as you have declared the major.

Career Opportunities

  • Refugee work
  • Humanitarian aid work
  • Short-term/long-term field personnel with global disciple-making organizations
  • Global opportunities in education/TESL/business/healthcare/communications/etc when combined with a double-major or minor in another discipline
  • Global Mobilizer with a church or non-profit organization
  • Graduate Studies in related fields