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B.A. in Theology & Apologetics: Global Studies

Residential Degree in Theology & Apologetics: Global Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Apologetics: Global Studies degree will prepare you in global theological training and apologetics.

Get a better understanding of the world around you. Learn how to communicate effectively within multicultural settings. Gain awareness and sensitivity for individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

With the Global Studies cognate, you’ll receive in-depth training in Cultural Intelligence and be given opportunities to interact with global workers from all backgrounds.

Academics: Global Studies Cognate

Credit Hours

120 credit hours

Program of Study (DCP)

Theology and Apologetics (B.A.): Global Studies (DCP)

Admission Requirements

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Featured Global Studies Courses

  • Apologetics & Cultural Engagement (APOL 201)
  • Introduction to Global Studies (GLST 200)
  • Cultural Anthropology (GLST 290)
  • Engaging Oral Communicators (GLST 390)

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Career Opportunities in Global Studies

  • Global Theological Training
  • Apologetics and Cultural Engagement
  • Graduate Studies
  • Theological Research