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B.S. in Religious Studies: Global Studies

Residential Degree in Religious Studies: Global Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies: Global Studies degree provides you with in-depth training in religious studies, including theology, apologetics, world religions, and intercultural engagement. 

Expand your understanding of cross-cultural engagement. Learn how to build relationships, a career, and a life internationally. Gain insight into the unique dynamics that come with living and working overseas.

With the Global Studies cognate, you’ll receive in-depth training in Cultural Intelligence and be given opportunities to interact with global workers from all backgrounds.

Academics: Global Studies Cognate

Credit Hours

120 total credit hours

Program of Study (DCP)

Religious Studies (B.S.): Global Studies (DCP)

Admission Requirements

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Featured Global Studies Courses

  • Cultural Anthropology (GSLT 290)
  • Career Preparation for Global Workers (GLST 385)
  • Trends and Issues in Global Studies (GLST 490)
  • Global Studies Internship (GLST 499)

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Career Opportunities With This Degree

  • Church Leadership
  • Global Engagement
  • Graduate Studies


  • Christian Educator
  • Para-church Ministries
  • Evangelism