NURS 491- Nursing Management

This seminar course in our online nursing program provides an overview of organizational theory, management theory, and change theory. The course examines nursing staffing patterns, patient care technology, information management, and communication between healthcare providers. Healthcare policies, including financial and regulatory influences, are also reviewed. The course uses several techniques such as evidence-based research, self-reflection, therapeutic communication, and critical thinking skills to gain an understanding of nursing management.

It is imperative that Liberty University RN to BSN online program graduates grasp theories and concepts related to the management of the patient care environment. This includes communication to various stakeholders, as well as understanding conflict management. Graduates from our online nursing program must also understand how to manage resources (human, financial, and supply). The current healthcare setting requires nurses to be knowledgeable about new patient care technology, information systems, and unit staffing patterns. Changing healthcare policies and regulations require nurses to be knowledgeable about hospital management.

Please note that course descriptions and content for the RN to BSN Online Program may be changed from term to term without notice.