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In-Person Exceptions

What do we mean when we say our programs are “100% online”? We mean that the overall class type within the program is online – can be accessed online and assignments can be submitted digitally. However, it is important to note that some online degree programs may have components/courses such as internships, practicums, labs, intensives, and more that will require in-person attendance and/or field hours. In most cases, the in-person requirements can be completed at an approved location near you and will not require you to visit campus. For more information about the requirements for your specific degree, please refer to your Degree Completion Plan (DCP) or your school’s Course Guides (accessible after applying and claiming your Liberty account)

If you have not yet applied and have additional questions regarding in-person requirements, please contact out admissions office:

What Are the Different Types of In-Person Components?

The following definitions cover the most common types of in-person components; however, some programs may have additional requirements.

Field Placements and Practicums
Flight Maintenance (FAA Certificate)
Flight Training
Student Teaching

Which Degrees Have In-Person Components?

Arts and Sciences 
Behavioral Sciences
Communication and the Arts
Health Sciences

Additional Information

Inclusive Access
No Set Login Times
Tuition Rates

Please note: While most of our online programs are available in a flexible, 8-week course format with no set login times, some courses may have different formats – including but not limited to full-semester courses (14-17 weeks), on-campus courses (e.g., intensives), courses with synchronous login times, and more.