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Frequently Asked Questions

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Academic Information

What is FERPA?

Where can I find the Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines?

How can I access my student’s grades and personal information?

If my student has a question about course registration, adding or dropping courses, their degree completion plan, and changing their major,  who may assist them?

If my student wants to withdraw from a course they are currently attending, who may assist them?

What department is a resource to support my student with documented disabilities?

What if my student needs tutoring or writing assistance?

Emergency Notifications

Does Liberty have a way to notify the students should there be an emergency?


What is FAFSA?

What is the difference between Book Dollars and Book Vouchers?

Is there a department or service available to assist my student with external scholarships searches?

When is the Financial Check-In (FCI) deadline for residential students?

Where can my student find the 1098-T form?

General Information

What is Christian/Community Service (CSER)?

What is the Liberty Way?

Where does my student go for computer and technical support?

What resource is available to my student for resume assistance, mock interviews, internships, and workplace preparation?

Where do I find the current news, updates, and stories about Liberty University?

How can my student register to vote and why would they consider registering in Virginia while a college student?

What is the Student Government Association (SGA) and why are the student club organizations under SGA?

Housing and Addressing Packages

What are the policies for general maintenance and repair in my student’s residential hall room?

What are the policies for furniture, décor, and other housing-related questions?

How do I address letters and packages to my students?

Where can I order a care package to send to my student?

My student lives off-campus, what resources and services are available to commuter students?

ID & Campus Services

What is the Flames Pass?

What is the difference between Flames Cash, Meal Swipes, and Dining Dollars?

What is BankMobile?

 Insurance and Health Care

What if my student experiences sickness or injury?

My student is under 18, is there a process or form that I may submit to approve their medical care?

Does Liberty University offer health insurance for students?

Does my student need renter’s insurance to live on campus?

Where do I get an enrollment verification form for insurance purposes?

Is there counseling available on campus for students?


Does Liberty have a shuttle service for my student to a local airport, train, or bus station?

Does Liberty have a bus route system for on-campus facilities?