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All Commencement participants should purchase regalia early in order to obtain proper sizes and colors.  For 2023, all regalia will be purchased online from Oak Hall.  Regalia ordering will be open and available sometime in mid-December 2022.  Please check back on this website for an ordering link in December.

  • 2023 Regalia Ordering Deadlines
    • Custom Doctoral Regalia Purchase – March 5, 2023
    • All Standard Regalia Orders and Doctoral Regalia Rental – April 16, 2023
      • Doctoral Regalia Rentals will not begin shipping to homes until April 3, 2023
  1. Gown – All graduates wear navy gowns that vary in style between the level of completed degrees.
    Associates degree students can purchase a Bachelor’s level gown.  Associates degree students only wear the gown, cap, and stole.
    Postgraduate degree students can purchase the Master’s level gown.
  2. Cap – Graduates wear a mortarboard and tassel. Doctoral graduates wear a velvet tam.
  3. Tassel – Attaches to the cap. Commonly worn on the right before the student receives their degree and moved to the left after it’s presented.
  4. Hood – A scarf that drapes over the shoulders and down the back. Has a strip of color unique to the student’s program. The inner part is red, white, and blue. Graduates receiving an Associate’s degree do not wear a hood with their regalia.
  5. Stole – Resembles a man’s oversized necktie with two wide ends and is worn draped around the neck to hang down the front. Liberty stoles are embroidered with the Liberty seal and are red.
  6. Honors Cord/Medallion –  Cords are awarded to Undergraduate students and medallions are awarded to Graduate level students. Students do not need to purchase this piece of regalia. For further information about honors, please refer to the Honors page.

Societal Cords – For information on any cords worn in representation of a society, contact the society or departmental office.

Custom Regalia – The following doctoral programs have custom regalia available for purchase. Please stay tuned for more information in December 2022 on how to place an order.

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Education
  • Juris Doctor
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Ph.D. (all programs)

Regalia Costs

Individual Costs:

  • B.A. Gown = $43
  • B.A. Hood = $41
  • M.S./M.A. Gown = $47
  • M.S./M.A. Hood = $47
  • Ph.D. Gown = $58
  • Ph.D. Hood = $56
  • Ed.D Rental Regalia = $127 (gown, keeper tam, & hood)
  • Stole = $35
  • Tassel = $15
  • Cap = $15

Discount Packages: (Includes cap, gown, tassel, hood, and stole.)

  • A.A. package = $84
  • B.A. package = $102
  • M.S./M.A. package = $119
  • Educ. Specialist package = $122
  • Ph.D. package = $127 (Does not include stole. Please purchase separately.)

Class Rings & Announcements

Personal announcements and class rings will be ordered starting in late 2022 online at Jostens, these can be ordered through the time of Commencement.  Jostens will be available for ordering class rings at the Friday Check-In event.

Information regarding regalia obtained from Harris, A.L. (2005). Academic Ceremonies. United States of America: Council for Advancement and Support of Education.