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Information for Graduating Students

Commencement Participation List

The Commencement Participation List includes all Class of 2021 graduates who have indicated that they are attending Commencement. The participation list for May 2021 will be posted in February. If you have not completed a degree/certificate application and submitted an RSVP for Commencement, your name will not be included on this list. Additionally, your name will not appear on the participation list if you are not approved to attend Commencement. Please visit your ASIST account if you still need to complete your degree/certificate application. For questions about participation, please email commencement@liberty.edu.

If you do not see your name on the list and you completed your Commencement RSVP more than two weeks ago, or if you would like to change your participation status, please email commencement@liberty.edu.


Please visit the regalia page for more information on how to order.


Graduation diplomas are mailed 3-6 weeks after the degree is conferred, provided the student’s account balance is paid in full. For more information, please see the Diplomas page. Graduates will not receive their diploma during the commencement weekend.

Commencement Check-In

All graduates are required to stop by Commencement Check-In. This will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Reader Card

Your reader card is the most important item you will need to pick up at Commencement Check-In. This card will identify who you are as a graduate and will list your name, degree information, and any honors that you have achieved. The back of this card will also list the contact information needed for the photographer so that he or she can identify who you are in your picture taken at your degree ceremony. This card will not be needed for the main ceremony, but be sure to have this with you for your second ceremony. For hard-to-read names, graduates may write a phonetic spelling or pronunciation of their name on the card.

Honor Cords

During Commencement Check-In, qualifying graduates may stop by the honor tables to pick up their honor cord or medallion. Undergraduate honors are recognized with cords, Graduate honors are recognized with a medallion. If you have achieved honors recognition, this will be listed on your Reader Card. For more information on graduation honors, please see the Honors page.

Special Needs

Reserved handicap parking will be available in the Evans parking lot, which is adjacent to the Schilling Center and behind the baseball stadium.

Dress Code

With the graduation gown, we also require business dress for all graduates. Dark colored pants, skirts, and dresses are appropriate. We ask that men wear collared shirts. Please dress with the warm temperatures in mind, as you will be seated in the direct sunlight on the field in dark-colored gowns.

Consideration should be made when selecting footwear for Commencement day. The Commencement activities take place at various locations around campus and some walking will be required. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

Military uniforms are acceptable as an alternative to the Commencement regalia.

Photos & Videos

See the Photos & Videos page.


Flowers are available for purchase on Commencement day to help celebrate the accomplishments of the graduates. To pre-order, please visit the Commencement Flowers website.

Special Needs

If you, as a graduate, have special needs, please email commencement@liberty.edu for more information regarding the main ceremony and degree ceremony you will be attending. Please, contact us no later than 2 weeks prior to Commencement to make any special arrangements for participating graduates.