Experience Plus – Earn Credit by Portfolio

Liberty University recognizes that adult learners have valuable experiences that they bring to the academic environment of higher education. For that reason, we believe students should receive college credit for learning that can be demonstrated through experience.

In some cases, credit may be awarded directly for job training, based on a precedent that has been established by our university. In other cases, students will need to petition for credit through the official portfolio process.

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Note: If your degree involves any type of licensure and/or other certifications that are received from a state, government entity, or military branch following the conferral of the degree, then the associated courses are ineligible for any type of Experience Plus credit. (General Education courses may still accept E-Plus credit)

If you are unsure whether or not this pertains to you, please call Academic Advising (800) 424-9595 or email eplus@liberty.edu. Also, for undergraduate students at least 25% of classes in your major must be completed at Liberty University and for graduate and doctoral at least 50% must be completed at Liberty.

Portfolio Application

The Portfolio Process

The following information can explain what you need to know about submitting a portfolio.

List of Available Courses

Undergraduate Courses
Graduate Courses

Don’t see your course listed? Please email eplus@liberty.edu or call Academic Advising (800) 424-9595.