Guidelines for Portfolio

Liberty offers you the opportunity to petition for credit through the process of creating and submitting a portfolio (or several portfolios as applicable). In order to begin this process, you must first contact the Portfolio Coordinator for a recommendation.

There are some portfolios/courses that will not be admitted, such as GOVT 200, internship courses, capstone courses, as well as other courses not approved by academic departments. Please note that admission of a portfolio does not guarantee that credit will be awarded.

In order to be successful in the portfolio process, it is strongly recommended by the university that you contact the Portfolio Coordinator for learning objectives and outcomes for the courses in which portfolios are to be submitted. For example, if you plan to submit a portfolio for BUSI 310 (Business Management), you should first request a list of the learning objectives/outcomes that are expected to be demonstrated through your portfolio.

Upon your successful completion of GEED 205, you will be able to submit portfolios for course credit. You must submit separate portfolios for each course. While each portfolio may contain the same autobiography and chronological record, the competency chart, learning essay, annotated bibliography, and all supporting documentation should be unique to each portfolio/course.

The portfolio should only contain the five components listed under the Five Step Model along with the application (link below). All portfolios must be submitted in a soft cover binder or binder clip, and each portfolio must have a cover page which includes your name, your student identification number, the course name and number, as well as the date of submission. The portfolio should also include the application for a petition of credit, as well as the $100 assessment fee for each portfolio.

Mail your application and portfolio to:

Portifolio Coordinator
Liberty University
1971 University Blvd.
MSC Box # 710181
Lynchburg, VA 24515