Earn Credit by Portfolio

As a university, Liberty recognizes that adult learners have valuable experiences that they bring to the academic environment of higher education, and that such students should receive college credit for learning that can be demonstrated through experience.

In some cases, credit may be awarded directly for job training, based on a precedent that has been established by our university. In most cases, students will need to petition for credit through the official portfolio process. It is important for students to enroll in GEED 205, Learning Theory and Portfolio Development, for a successful portfolio creation experience.

Please note: GEED 205 is only offered to Bachelor degree seeking students, and students pursuing the A.A. Interdisciplinary Studies. GEED 205 is not offered to graduate or doctoral students.

Before registering for GEED 205, you must complete this brief tutorial.

Portfolio Topics

If you were to teach a college course based on your area of expertise, what would that course look like? What would it be called? How would you describe the course? What terminology, concepts and theories are learned in the course? What books have you read that are related to the topic? What makes you an expert on the course topic? Is the subject and course content related to a typical college course? Is the topic relevant to your degree program? These answers help us define your portfolio topic and determine the college level learning that matches this topic. Learn more about Portfolio Topics.

Portfolio Development Course

Students pursuing life experience through the portfolio process must enroll in GEED 205 prior to submitting portfolios. GEED 205 counts as three elective credits toward most online bachelor's degree programs at Liberty University, and introduces students to learning theories with an emphasis on the philosophy and history of experiential learning. Learn more about GEED 205

Portfolio Guidelines

Liberty offers you the opportunity to petition for credit through the process of creating and submitting a portfolio (or several portfolios as applicable). In order to begin this process, you must first contact the Portfolio Coordinator for a recommendation. Learn more about the Portfolio Guidelines.

Five Step Model

Learn More about each step involved in building your portfolio HERE.

Portfolio Procedures

Need assistance with the appropriate steps to take in submitting a portfolio? Learn more about the Portfolio Procedures.


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