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Liberty University recognizes that adult learners have valuable experiences that they bring to the academic environment of higher education and that such students should receive college credit for learning that can be demonstrated through experience.

In some cases, credit may be awarded directly for job training, based on a precedent that has been established by our university. In other cases, students will need to petition for credit through the official portfolio process.

Please note: If your degree involves any type of licensure and/or other certifications that are received from state, government entity, or military branch following the conferral of the degree, then you are ineligible for any type of Experience Plus credit.  If you are unsure whether or not this pertains to you, please contact your Academic Advisor or eplus@liberty.edu.  Also, at least 50% of classes in your major must be completed at Liberty University.

Submit your experience today for review using the Experience Plus Portfolio Application portal link below.

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  • What is a Portfolio & How Does it Work?

    Students may submit their portfolio through the Experience Plus  Portfolio Application Portal for review and evaluation by a faculty member.

    Application Process

    • Students will select the school and specific course to be reviewed for credit approval.  

    • Based on learning objectives, students will answer a varying number of questions for which they are requesting to earn credit.
    • Students will have the opportunity to upload supporting documentation, such as letters of verification from supervisors, certificates, diplomas, transcripts, job descriptions/evaluations, work samples, powerpoint presentations, charts, graphs, photographs, newspaper clippings, etc., and will be required to submit a resume.
    • A $100 non-refundable portfolio assessment fee will be charged to your student account in order to evaluate and award academic credit for knowledge demonstrated through the Experience Plus portfolio. Not all experience qualifies for academic credit.
    • You will be notified by email once the portfolio has been approved or denied.  If your portfolio is denied, you will have the opportunity to submit one appeal based on the feedback of the faculty member who has reviewed it.

    Evaluation Process

    • The Experience Plus Coordinator will assign your portfolio to a subject matter expert in the field.
    • This process will be completed within five business days of submission. However, depending on the time of year, i.e. holiday, spring break, etc. it could take longer.
    • The Experience Plus Coordinator will contact you by email once the portfolio has been returned for final processing.  Please be aware that there is no guarantee of approval.


    Questions? Contact the Experience Plus Coordinator at eplus@liberty.edu or call (800) 424-9595.

  • Portfolio

    The below rubric will be used to review your portfolio submission.

    • Each area will be evaluated for Mastery or Developing.   


    • Examples of Topics or Experience not to use:
      • Apprenticeship Programs
      • Basic vocabulary, spelling, grammar
      • Career development
      • Company or job specific training
      • Court reporting
      • CPR and first aid
      • Defensive driving
      • Dictation
      • Filing
      • Guns/Firearms/Concealed Weapons/Batons
      • Internship/On-the-Job Training
      • Job interviewing skills
      • New hire training
      • Notary public
      • Office machines
      • Orientations
      • Remedial college preparatory classes
      • Secondary coursework
      • Shorthand
      • Silva mind control lecture series
      • Slide rule
      • Smoke enders program
      • Speed reading
      • Truck driving
      • Tutoring/Mentoring/Coaching
      • Typing/Keyboarding

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